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real(ly not) chill lady. spoken word poet. mental health activist. mama shark. ✨ ✨ follow me on instagram for poetry and too many selfies.

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In this bar, I think about my youth and how it’s still here, but slipping at the same time. People who are older will sigh and say things like, “Oh, to be your age again!” And I want to ask them if they were this depressed.

The way I feel about you is annoying. Seriously. It’s not romantic, doesn’t make me giddy. It bugs me. It creeps in when I’m trying to do other things and makes it impossible to focus.

Love like you don’t give a fuck about what people are going to think. Stop factoring in outside perspectives when it comes to how you feel. Remember your heart belongs to you, and only you, and there’s no way random strangers could ever know what’s best for it.

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