4 Reasons Why Females Love The Chase


Let’s face it; most of us girls have been interested in a man – regardless if he was our type or not – because he was playing hard to get. I have witnessed this to be especially prevalent in young women these days; women can’t seem to get enough of chasing men around in circles. I have narrowed down the list I compiled this morning at 3 am, down to just five reasons why I think females love the chase. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any of the things I listed below are necessarily bad, they’re just my personal observations.

1. They’re bored

I’ll admit it; I am guilty of this one. When my favorite TV show ends for the season and my pantry is full of gluten free crackers, hell-to-the-yes, I look for some excitement.

2. They think they can’t get rejected because they’re hot shit

If you are an attractive woman reading this, hey, I don’t blame you if you do this. Hell, if I had the face of Mila Kunis and the body of Jennifer Lawrence I would chase after every fucking guy I found even remotely attractive because the odds of getting rejected would be almost zero to none. More power to ya.

3. Some women inherently are attracted to assholes

Girl, they’re not playing hard to get. They’re playing hard-to-talk to because you’re playing hard-to-get rid of. I don’t know what it is about trying to get that one guy who always treats you like shit because we all know it is never going to happen – like ever. Aside: In elementary school I had a huge crush on a boy who literally despised me which just made me like him even more. Throughout middle school, I found myself trying to prove myself to him that I wasn’t as bad as he thought I was. This sounds silly, but I think this happens more frequently than we catch on to.

4. They like the challenge

Everybody likes a challenge, especially if it hasn’t been completed before. There is something about achieving the unthinkable that is so important to our ego. In other words, say there is a really challenging level in a video game, everybody is trying to beat it and after a while it seems almost impossible. Then bam, you beat the level. How do you feel? That’s fucking right, on top of the world. This is exactly the same with men, we want to work hard to win them over because when we finally get them, the payoff is ten times better. TC Mark

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