Is This The Best Cover Of Lorde’s “Royals”… Ever?

Okay! You’ve heard Lorde’s version of “Royals” a million times by now. You may have even seen the video more times than you’ve seen your grandparents. And yeah, you’ve probably seen and heard a few other covers of the song since people are treating the song like it’s a Broadway standard. It’s a monster hit with all the charisma of Godzilla! But you haven’t seen or heard a seven-foot tall party clown do his rendition. Not yet. Well, that’s all about to change.

THIS may be the BEST cover version… ever!

It’s certainly the strangest, which also makes it the funniest.

From the folks over at Postmodern Jukebox comes the sad clown version of “Royals.” Yes. You read that right. The sad clown version.

I have an aunt who’s terrified of clowns (she grew up traveling with the circus). If you’re like my aunt and you’re the type of person who’s scared of clowns… this might help you get over that fear. But probably not. I can’t imagine a 7-foot tall clown singing pop songs is anything less than a nightmare waiting to happen.

Without any further adieu, as Sinatra once sang, “Send in the clowns!”

Enjoy! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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