8 Gorgeous Travel Photos That Will Make You Want To Be On Vacation Right Now


During a trip to Hong Kong I found myself in one of their many seafood markets, and it was wild to see them take sea to table, as the restaurants were right next door to where this image was taken. You could buy what you wanted and take it next door to be cooked fresh.

Something I always try to do when traveling to these locations is to try the local culture and explore things unique to these countries and places, you never know what you’re going to find or if you will ever be back to this place again in life.

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A lot of my travel consists of last-minute flights, and many hours spent on planes to get to these exotic locations all over the world. With modern-day technology I am able to track these swells to the exact day, the approximate size, and what the winds and weather will be doing, but this is mother nature, and things change, we are just able to gamble on these trip with a more precise accuracy.

Danny Fuller taking in the local culture during a walk through town in Mexico.

Luckily, with my job, I am able to go to exotic locations around the world with beaches and warm water — it is truly a dream job to be able to travel with some of my best friends. We go in search of perfect waves, many of which leave great memories, but lots of times it is the adventures (and time spent out of the water) that we remember forever.

Teahupo'o, Tahiti
Kalani Chapman in Tahiti at a surf break called Teahupo’o over razor sharp reef.

I’m always in search of the “perfect shot,” something that is forever changing and being refined as time goes on and the situation changes. I always imagine the type of shot I want to get when seeing the conditions or location that I am at, but that is just one of the challenges that makes it so fun to be shooting surfing. Every single wave is different, you never have the same wave again.


Another end to a magic day in Mexico. We had a wonderful schedule while in Mexico on this particular trip — we would wake up at 5 AM, an hour before any light in the sky, and get our gear ready to be in the water to shoot and surf. We would then get out of the water around 10 AM, when the winds would turn on shore, ruining the waves and mushing them to unridable conditions. We would then go eat a large breakfast and get back to our hotel and take a good afternoon nap when the sun was hottest, then wake up just in time to eat a early dinner and watch the sunset. We repeated this every day for a week, and couldn’t have had a better time. It was amazing.


We meet some pretty interesting people and creatures along the way. Many of them have lifelong friendships with locals around the world, and it is amazing to make a little network with these people in different cultures and different backgrounds.


It’s not all 4-star hotels and luxury accommodations while traveling in search of the perfect wave. But these moments are what we live for, and they keep us going. During a mid-day break in Nicaragua, we waited for the tide to change to have the waves get better.


Sometimes you don’t even need to travel far to find the spectacular — this is in my back yard of Hawaii, actual snow on top of the mountain of Mauna Kea during the winter months. Beauty is what you make of it, and how you view it. I am fortunate enough to take photos so I can share with the world what I see and bring the viewer into the moment — and that beauty — with me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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