6 Important Things About Women All Men Should Know About


1. Despite appearances, almost all women aren’t down for casual sex.

They may say that they are to seem cool, aloof or non-needy, but in truth, sex for most women is an emotional act. It is near impossible for a woman to disconnect the physical act from the emotional connection and/or attachment that follows. And research has proven that after a certain period of continued physical intimacy, the woman’s body releases certain hormones that are related to nesting and reproduction.

2. In 400 BC, the Greek poet Simonides wrote, “One day she is all smiles and gladness…but the next she is dangerous to look at or approach.”

Most women suffer from PMS symptoms to some degree, and for certain women, these symptoms are bloody awful. The sudden and dramatic drop of oestrogen before the period can result in heightened feelings of anxiety, vulnerability, neediness, and even depression. As a woman who’s battled with PMS for my entire adult life, I can honestly say that while I’m experienced enough now to recognize when my thoughts and feelings are being governed by my hormones, I still struggle not to be overcome by them. This may very well translate into irrational arguments or feelings of complete dismay. And then like magic, a day or two into the period, all her troubles will melt away…

But thoughts and feelings aside, PMS can also (and often does) involve hormonal headaches and migraines, lower abdominal cramps and pains, and fatigue and physical weakness. Be kind to the pre-menstrual woman!

3. Most women take longer to orgasm from sex than men do.

Some women mostly or only cum from clitoral stimulation, some women orgasm from penetration, and some women can cum any which-way. Cum-ing for a woman is not always as simple as it often is for men. If the woman is anxious, stressed or unrelaxed, she’ll unlikely be brought to orgasm. For a woman, so much of it is in her mind, and so if her mind isn’t there, she won’t get there.

4. Most women LOVE foreplay and attention to detail.

The longer you draw out the kissing, touching, tickling and licking, the better the final prize! Also, many of us like sex to start soft and slow. You gotta carefully lead up to the crescendo!

5. Sometimes the only person in the world a girl needs is her mommy.

It might be that she’s sick and needs her mom to make her chicken soup and then tuck her into bed, or that she’s going through “girl stuff” (PMS, period, yeast infection, UTI, hormonal migraine, pregnancy, breast feeding…) and it’s really only mommy who can truly understand her plight and discomfort, and who can ultimately make it all better.

6. Girls need other girls.

Seriously. It’s what makes the world go round. Girly time, girls nights, catch ups with girlfriends are so so important for every woman to remain happy and balanced. There are things we women talk to one another about that no matter how wonderful our male counterparts are, we simply can’t access with them. Every time I have a whole night with one or some of my girlfriends, wherever I am in the world, it’s like therapy for my soul. During these treasured female catch-ups, a powerful female synergy occurs and we’re often left feeling stronger and with a greater sense of our womanhood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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