33 Things Ladies Would Like Men To Stop Doing Immediately


1. Not being open minded enough to dream. As much as we would like a realistic relationship our dreaming brought us to where we are. We probably dreamed of you before we even met. It is your job to take our fears away and hug the bad dream out of us.

2. Forgetting. There is a reason why we fought over something, and bringing it up again does not mean we didn’t move on from it, it means we are reminding you of the time that the very same thing happened and you promised it would never happen again.

3. Thinking that women are there to satisfy your sexual innuendos. There is nothing wrong with having a sexual relationship, what is wrong is taking this relationship for granted. Just because she said yes the first time does not mean she’d say yes on the second time, and just because she did it with that other guy does not mean she’d do it to you.

4. Treating women like a child. Don’t get this wrong, we love it when you’re being protective and when you watch over the things we do; but you must remember that like you, we can also do things alone, in fact there are things that we do better without your help. We can and we will decide for ourselves.

5. Changing the subject when we ask you important questions. Don’t do this.

6. Not treating ladies like queens.

7. Passive Aggression. Yes people, it does not only come from us. We expect you to already know if something’s wrong with us; and no it is not because we think you can read minds, it’s because we think we’ve spent enough time together for you to finally memorize our gestures and facial expressions.

8. Not being able to make decisions. Hey! If we’ve gone on more than 5 dates now, you should know the places I want to eat at and know the food I’d like to order.

9. Expecting girls to pick up on subtle hints. We both hate this, you can’t pick up on ours, so why would we on yours? If you want something go tell us, she won’t be giving you her number because you stared at her, nor would she cook you breakfast because your stomach growled terribly.

10. Assuming that girls are just zoning out when they really are mad (and vice versa). There are times when we like to detach ourselves from reality, girls does that by taking a walk, shopping, watching TV shows, reading a book, writing, or simply just thinking, and not by crying, pouting, whining, making incredibly mad faces, and not minding whatever you’re doing. Know the difference.

11. Not sharing whatever’s on his plate. You can take whatever you want on ours, but we would like to take a bite of your burger too; and hey! If you want the relationship to last, remember you’ll be having kids who would probably be taking more of your food than she is taking now.

12. Treating your friends poorly. Yes, girls backstab each other all the time and we also hate that. But you should also stop sugar-coating everything for your bros! he got dumped? That’s maybe because the girl didn’t like him and not because the girl is stupid or doesn’t even have a nice ass.

13. Sexually harassing girls. You already know this; respect really goes a long way. Harassing does not only mean touching her, it means eyeing her maliciously when she passes, or shouting abusive words at her.

14. Burying themselves on their games. We know and understand how important it is for you to kill the terrorist or Ryu or the templars or whatever villain there is on your game. But when we’re with you, we want you to spend time with us; and we’d even feel grateful if you’d ask us to play with you.

15. Talking during a movie. You need to stop explaining things to us, we’ve already watched action movies before and we know what’s going on. unless of course it’s a sequel to a movie we’ve never seen, then you should bear with us.

16. Criticizing ladies who wear makeup. We wouldn’t be wearing one if not for you. You caught us not wearing it you’d criticize how the blemish we have, or that we look stressed, or that we look to dark or pale; and then when we wear it we’re suddenly slutty and attention-seeking.

17. Expecting every gay guy to like them. Gays have taste too! And you need not be homophobic when we introduce you to our gay friends; they’d just shake your hand not lure you into some kind of fantasy land.

18. Taking sex for granted. Everything is special to us, even sex. And when we treat is as a gift for you, it means you’re that special.

19. Reckless feet behavior in everywhere. Take those enormous feet off that couch and coffee table and dining table and… almost everything.

20. Not fighting fair when we fight. We know you’re strong and all, but we also know you won’t hurt us; so what’s the hush when we play fights? We just want to have a little fun time!

21. Not reading between the lines. You can do it for your English teachers, why not do it for us?

22. Not knowing when to give compliments. The best compliments come from that one person we care the most about, you. So don’t hesitate to tell us if we look pretty, or try to fake a shoe compliment, it matters.

23. Making a fuss about our skin tone. We know what we want, and we know what’s good for us. Skin tone included.

24. Getting angry if their girl wakes them up. It’s not our fault you spent the night playing your games and now find a hard time getting up from bed. We will not be late to work, or to lunch; and if you can’t get yourself up, we’ll do it our way.

25. Being a hypocrite. Please, don’t tell us you don’t go for this and that kind of girl when you date almost every kind there is.

26. Criticizing the way we pose for a picture. If we want it, we’d do it. you don’t see us pissing on your muscles-show-off poses, do you?

27. Hating the way we construct our sentences. Whoever invented subject verb agreement and all these grammar things? We’ll use proper grammar when our professors tell us to do so, meanwhile we’ll remain speaking the way we do when we’re with friends.

28. not letting us hog the bed. Don’t want that? Then spoon us till we get to sleep.

29. Not understanding how hard it is to have our periods. We won’t be denying you the right to whine when you get circumcised, but hey don’t take it against us when our emotions starts mixing or when we can’t help but eat everything.

30. Forcing us to stop our silly games. We lure you to do things because you won’t do it if we don’t, we don’t like that too, but you’re giving us no choice.

31. Believing that all we do is get hurt. Yes, we are sensitive; but we also feel other things besides loneliness and pain and despair. We just take it to our hearts when you hurt us, and that actually is to the advantage of everyone — no one want to get hurt the same way twice, right?

32. Not putting up with girls when they’re indecisive. When we can’t decide on what we want, don’t be hard on us and start enumerating times when we’ve been indecisive, instead put up with it, and be patient; you have no idea how much patience we’ve given you when you were on the same situation.

33. Not believing in themselves. There’s a reason why we hang out with you, and that’s because you’re great. you need not be perfect to everyone, you just need to be the best to that someone. It hurts us to see you not believing in yourself when we have so much belief in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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