What It Means To Be A Badass Woman

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It might come as a surprise but being a badass these days has nothing to do with riding a motorbike, covering yourself in tattoos, or cussing like a sailor. Here are the qualities that a modern day badass possess…

She is trusting of the world because she knows that she can trust herself. No matter what the situation is she will make the most of it remembering that nothing lasts forever.

She knows how to be loved and how to give love, a love that is deep and glued together by mutual respect and admiration.

She has spent time building an amazing support system. She has created a family so large and so full of honest communication that she is never truly alone.

She believes in the power of time. The necessity of letting things be. She is ambitious yet lives with a desire to let go of control, to trust and follow a compass that points her in the direction of inspiration.

She realizes that it is her quirks that make her shine and so she embraces them. The things that not everyone might love about her are some of the things she values most about herself.

She seeks adventure in even the most mundane of experiences. Pouring forth creativity in places where routine may feel stifling.

She embraces a life devoid of expectations. By staying present she finds the pleasure that exists in each day, instead of harping on the ways in which tomorrow may bring her joy.

She is unafraid of emotions and is fearless when it comes to showing the world that she is human. She knows how to cry, how to love, how to feel lost, and likewise what it means to be found.

She fixates on the ways in which people are beautiful. She gets high off of spreading inspiration, empathy, and encouragement.

She is unafraid to be alone. Unafraid to walk into the unknown. Unafraid to hold someone’s hand and let them join her.

She is expressive. Adding oomph to life wherever she sees fit. If you are amazing she will tell you, look right into your eyes and tell you.

She knows how to listen. When the world beckons she jumps. When a stranger calls she talks. When her bed is warm she sleeps.

She has dreams so big that sometime they scare her, yet she refuses to stop believing in them and she knows that yours are just as attainable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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