2 Cute And Romantic K-Dramas You Should Binge On Disney+ This Weekend

Sometimes you just want some soapy and dramatic romance to make your weekend better, and right now you can watch it from an unlikely source: Disney+. Buried beneath all the Marvel superhero movies, Star Wars originals, and Disney new releases are a hidden treasure trove of Korean dramas. While they’ve got gritty crime series and historical dramas, the romantic K-dramas are where it’s at. Got some free time this weekend and want to fall in love? Here are two must-watch K-dramas on Disney+.

Soundtrack #1


Eunsoo’s biggest dream is to become a popular composer. She’s being mentored by a music legend who suggests that she needs more actual heartbreak in the songs she’s writing. The song needs to embody unrequited love, but she doesn’t know anything about that. She figures if you like someone, you just go for it–you don’t pine for them. When her best from of 20 years, Sunwoo, hears about her plight, he seems to know a lot more about the subject than she does. She asks him to move in with her temporarily so he can be her muse while she writes.

Over the course of just four episodes (so you can get through the whole cute story over a single Saturday), you get a look at the pair’s friendship in the past and present as Sunwoo tries to wrangle is feelings while keeping his distance and his heart safe. The show is warm, sometimes heartbreaking, and features tarot elements for all you new age girlies.



1987 was a big year in South Korean history. Once a dictatorship, the mass protests that shook the country in the fall of 1987, often led by college students, ultimately brought an end to their authoritarian government and a beginning to democratic South Korea. Set at this time, Snowdrop features a young university student, Eun Yeong-ro, finding a handsome-yet-bloodied young man, Lim Soo-ho, in her dorm room.

Lim Soo-ho needs help hiding out, and Eun Yeong-ro goes along with it. But how will she react when she finds out the secret he’s been hiding? And can true love withstand such a revelation? With 16 extra long episodes, it might take a few weekends to get through this dramatic and romantic story, but why not start now?

Disney+ has a lot more Korean dramas to choose from, and they’re regularly adding new shows all the time. Keep an eye on that space for new rom-coms and romantic dramas to watch. In the meantime, have a good weekend with Soundtrack #1 and Snowdrop!

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