17 Reasons Dating A Family-Oriented Girl Is Awesome

7th Heaven: The Complete Series
7th Heaven: The Complete Series

1. In a dating world where it’s so common to be led on or done wrong, you can rest assured knowing she’s got a high level of maturity and doesn’t have time for stale tactics and foolish games.

2. She’s fully prepared to have a child — and not just because she’s got a notebook full of potential baby names, or gushes when she passes Target’s toddler clothing section, but she has an actual desire to experience creating, carrying and raising a human being.

3. She understands that lasting love requires patience and will often be imperfect, which is a valuable mindset considering relationships nowadays so often have the highest of expectations, but the lowest of tolerance.

4. She takes commitment seriously, which is an endangered mindset these days. If you’re a devoted, promise-keeping person, there’s nothing better than being with someone who genuinely believes in the power of loyalty and love.

5. A family-oriented girl can be counted on in any situation, especially when the circumstances aren’t ideal and it’s not particularly convenient to be there. She isn’t just always around; she’s always there for you.

6. She’d rather go to a family gathering than a nightclub. That’s not to say a love of nightlife and being family-oriented are mutually exclusive, but generally speaking, a party animal isn’t prepared to settle down and trade active evenings for a family.

7. While she may not frequent clubs & bars, that doesn’t mean she’s uptight or unable to have a good time. The girl who can turn even a dull or dysfunctional family gathering into fun can certainly be the life of the party elsewhere.

8. Whether it’s strong faith or incredibly high standards, she has beliefs that she firmly stands by and it’s it’s important to know yourself before trying to build a family with other people.

9. It’s likely that a family-oriented woman wants to be (or already is) a great mother, which is a desire that typically translates to a nurturing, loving individual – ideal characteristics for the mother of your children, and equally important, your girlfriend/wife.

10. When dating, she has a strong moral compass and an independent way of thinking that isn’t influenced by trends. If the masses are involved in situationships or using some new ‘meet random people to hookup app, she won’t partake just to fit the mold.

11. Chances are a family-oriented girl listened to and valued the opinions of her parents as a kid (and perhaps still does to this day), making her leaps and bounds ahead of the average person in terms of life lessons & wisdom.

12. She isn’t an aimless wanderer because she knows her place in the world and has a great sense of rootedness. She knows what she wants and yes, sometimes that’s admitting it’s acceptable to not know all the answers.

13. There’s nothing more exciting and attractive than when the pure, good-girl reveals her dirty, sexy side in the bedroom.

14. She appreciates the now and believes every moment is special, copiously documenting all the wonder of life in photographs, journal entries, scrapbooks and any other way it can be captured. Being around someone who values and recognizes the everyday extraordinary is illuminating. (Not to mention you can reflect on your memories through her thorough recordings.)

15. Her social media habits aren’t detrimental to your relationship. In fact, her Pinterest boards (specifically the romance/dream wedding Pins) offer you great insight when you’re brainstorming ways to surprise or woo her.

16. She’s predictably unpredictable. Yes, she knows and vocalizes what she wants her future to hold, but she makes the journey to those things a spontaneous adventure.

17. She believes in and is willing to work for something bigger than just herself – a family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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