21 Disney Employees Tell The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Seen At The Park


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1. monorail_pilot

As my name implies, I work at WDW as a Cast Member. There are a lot of crazy things I’d rather not get in to, but the worst was one night during the fireworks exit, we had a bunch of twenty year olds being dumb asses on the resort platform.
They start punching each other in the arms, being the usual pricks to each other. One of them ended up missing his friend and cold clocking a 12 year old girl. 12 year old girls dad had to be 6′ 4″ and 320 pounds. And built. I mean really built.
It took 4 security guards and 2 orange county deputies to pull the guy off the bloody pulp that remained of the kid. His friend ended up jumping into the bushes to get away from one seriously angry father.

2. lmgray

I worked in Tomorrowland attractions at WDW and there were many stories, but one of the craziest was when I noticed a down syndrome child waiting in the back hallway – not a normal place for guests. I figured he was waiting on his party to finish riding. I was bumped out of my position for a break 5-10 minutes later and he was still there. I got him to walk down to the unload area with me figuring his family was probably freaking out about where he was. No one was down there waiting for him. I waited for 15 minutes and realized his family was not on the ride. After calling managers and coordinators conducting a search throughout Tomorrowland we found his family riding Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. They just left him at Space! I have never been so upset at work. There are so many others but this one always comes to mind.

3. KosherDill

There was a special needs person that was lost when I was working at the Haunted Mansion. Somehow he made into the mansion, through the stretch room but didn’t want to go any further because he was scared so he just stopped in the corner. Me and my co-worker saw him and were able to get him back with his family. Poor guy, was so afraid…it still makes me sad to think about it.
Way to go Disney Ambler alert!


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