30 People On The First Moment They Officially Felt Like An Adult

Grown Ups
Grown Ups

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1. yaaaaaaaaaash

I was 23 years old, grocery shopping after a long day at work. I walked past the bakery and I thought to myself, “man I’d love to eat some cake right now, but I can’t spoil my dinner.” So I continued down the aisles looking for healthy food. Somewhere near the tortilla section, it hit me: “I am a grown ass man and I want cake for dinner!” Bought the cake and demolished it.

2. YourInternetHistory

Instead of going home for the holidays, you begin to visit your parents for the holidays.

3. connierubirosa

When I realized that there was never going to be any food in my first apartment unless I went out and bought some.

4. asheliz

Age 23 – I woke up in my very own studio apartment on Christmas morning and nothing looked any different from when I went to bed.
Obviously I didn’t actually believe in Santa at that time… but up until then I went to bed on Christmas Eve with the Tree looking one way and I would wake up to “the presents that Santa delivered”.
I spent a lovely day with my boyfriend’s family and later that night we traveled to my parent’s house – but it’s just never been the same. Now that we have a baby and the magic of Christmas will return…

5. TheBookOfWisdom

When going out at 11pm is too late. I rather go out around 8-9 be home by 12.

6. slowshot

I am still waiting for that feeling. Have been for over 60 years.

7. The-Beef

When I got really excited about a sale on tupperware lol

8. Lolita8

When my dad passed away and I had to make all arrangements for the funeral and burial. Also, I had to pay for everything. I didn’t mind, it sure made me feel like an adult.

9. Loeffellux

The first time I knew my parents were wrong but I did not correct them because I also knew that it wouldn’t be of any use.

10. jennkay

When my father and grandfather both approached me for help in family affairs.

11. kristinaction

When I graduated from college and realized that I’m not a graduate, I’m just unemployed now.

12. sentientgravy

At age 19 in the middle of Baghdad in the turret of a soft shell HMMWV doing everything within my power to comprehend the world of shit I was in and trying to keep myself and my friends alive.

13. ohbubbles

When I bought my own alcohol and the cashier didn’t look twice at me.

14. PriestinaCloset

When I realized my parents are only human

15. focodad

Graduating college then grad school didn’t do it. Moving across the country didn’t do it. Getting married didn’t do it. Having my daughter came close, but not quite.
I distinctly remember the first time I truly felt like a ‘grownup’. It was the first evening my wife and I went out and left our daughter with a babysitter. It dawned on my that we were indeed the grownups from then on.

16. buckywatters

When I got pissed about the high price of asparagus

17. PhilyTheMaster

I told an ex who I was hanging out friends with that I had made the decision to start dating someone else. My ex started yelling at me, calling me names, and taking it pretty poorly. For the first time I felt no urge to retaliate or fight back. I just told her “I’m sorry you feel that way,” went to my car and left. I felt like an adult for standing up for myself in such a way. Pretty lame, I know

18. turtle_mama

During the “schlooorp” sound of my daughter being lifted out of my body during the C-section.

19. stengebt

First time I felt like an adult: Down payment on my first house. Shit’s real now, I own land.
First time I felt old: When I was a sophomore in college, Tim Tebow won the Heisman. I’m older than Tim Tebow. He’s off winning an award for being the best college football player in America, what the fuck am I doing with my life?

20. 14thCenturyHood

Just this last month, I turned 30 and heard Green Day on WZLX, Boston’s ‘Classic Rock’

21. jdubd

When I could no longer wear bugles on the tips of my fingers.

22. BlueGold

Well I only get high in the evenings now. It’s been… a pretty huge step for me.

23. runofthe

When I received my first bill in the mail. As a kid I was so excited to get anything in the mail and always wondered why my mom hated it.

24. bahr84

29 years old. I have experienced a whole spectrum of different things in my life. Some good, some bad, some meh. I thought that buying a house was an adult decision… Nope. I thought that seeing my first child being born was an adult experience… Nope. I thought that joining the Army was an adult decision… Nope.
Currently I am sitting in an infusion room at the hospital watching my wife receive her second of five doses of corticosteroids. She, no more than 2 hours ago, found out she has MS. I now feel I am an adult. I have no certainty of her future, our future, and feel like I am absolutely helpless. This is what adulthood feels like. We are now making decisions like when we should tell our family, what treatment options to consider, how can we afford treatments, and where we see ourselves in a decade.
I don’t want to be an adult anymore. I want to be twelve years old, ignorant to the world and worry-free in my outlook in life. Being an adult sucks.

25. valelovesunicorns

Last month I got really exited over a non-stick pan.

26. trolltrollaccount111

Oh my god this fits perfectly. I am a 19 year old girl and I wouldn’t say I am too mature yet, but yesterday I had a quite interesting thing happening to me at Starbucks (sorry for bad english btw).
Some guy who looked like he was in his 40s or something pushed his daughter in line to get him coffee while he sat down and shouted at her from afar. She was just standing there, all scared and alone (probably about 6 years old) and just looked at him and up at the other people standing in line. She was right in front of me so when I saw how scared she was I lifted her up into my arms and asked her if it was okay if i hold her in my arms. She nodded and looked at me for a second. We ordered her coffee together as her dad just stared at us. The barista told me I had a “very cute little daughter” and gave her a chocolate chip cookie for free. She thanked me and walked back to her dad who sat there the whole time doing nothing and just staring… I felt bad for the little girl, but afterwards I started feeling proud of myself :)

27. ejai

Traveling and going through the airport for the first time by myself.

28. niggabrownblack

When I was 18 and was arrested along with two of my 17-year-old friends. They didn’t step in jail because they were minors, and I stayed there all weekend.

29. throwingitawayboss12

When I got my first water bill…. I was like WTF?I gotta pay for water LOL Yeah ya gotta pay for water duh

30. juwert

The first time I bought stool softeners. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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