Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying

4. “The next time you wash me I will be dead.”

“I once worked as a nurse and I had a gentleman who didn’t want a wash one morning and said to me ‘the next time you wash me I will be dead.’ I thought he was just being morbid like the old guys are and then he asked to his wife and got quite agitated, I went to continue with the other patients and I got a call to help with someone who died…turns out he was right.”


5. “Am I dead? I’m in hell.”

“I’m a lab person, and I had to go to the ER to draw blood from a code stroke patient that just came in, BC the EMTs couldn’t get it.

I got there it was just me and him before he went to CT and he looked at me and said ‘Am I dead? I’m in hell.’

He died a couple hours later. Poor old man.”


6. “I see a bright light…Horses…No eyes…No…NO…NOOO!”

“ER physician here, had heard many last words from patients but the creepiest one has to be of a man who was on his last breaths as he succumbed to renal failure. He said, ‘I see a bright light…Horses…No eyes…No…NO…NOOO!’ as he’d loudly yell, at this point he was crashing when he suddenly woke up, looked up and with his last breath he said ‘I understand…’ and he died.

We know in the medical field that these situations are provoked by a cascade of neurotransmitters in disarray due to tissue and organ failure but I sometimes have my doubts and perhaps we are seeing more than we are led to believe.”



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