100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

15. Tim

“Tim…is a slovenly, loud, vulgar, sexist pig who, while at least knowing his job description, does nowhere near enough to earn his six-figure income. He spends half his day wandering from office of classically attractive woman to office of classically attractive woman telling obviously false or inflated self-aggrandizing stories, leering at their chests, and cutting them off when they try to speak. All the while spitting into his dip cup.”


16. Joel

“I work at an oil refinery, and many if not all of management team are the typical alpha male construction types. But one guy, man…Joel…is an Omega male. Needs everyone’s attention at all times. Everyone else is inept and incompetent. He knows everything while driving daggers in everyone’s back. Shit gets old fast. He has some upper management’s dicks so far down his throat it amazes the rest of us they can’t see through the act. Karma is coming. It always does.”


17. Reggie

“I fucking hate Reggie. From selling alcohol to minors to hitting on that 14-year-old girl so hard she started yelling, ‘My parents are in that car parked right there!’ And that’s just two examples of shit he did while I was there. That was his good behavior!”



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