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41 People Confess The Secret They’ll NEVER Tell Their Significant Other

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God & Man
God & Man
Found on AskReddit.

1. Our son is not his, but his brother’s.

“That our son is not his, but his brother’s…because his brother stayed with us for a period of time before he found a job, and when he would go on business trips his brother would lay in bed with me.”


2. I’m gay.

“I’m gay.”


3. I might be gay.

“That I might like guys as well.”


4. Her best friend is better in bed.

“Her best friend is better in bed…”


5. I’ve jerked off to the thought of her sister.

“That my girlfriend’s sister looks kinda like porn star Gianna Michaels and that I’ve jerked off to Gianna Michaels’ scenes but imagined my girlfriend’s sister.”


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