30 Men Share Their Harrowing Stories Of Being Raped By Women

Joshua Earle
Found on AskReddit.

1. ‘Fuck me or I’ll say you raped me.’

“‘Fuck me or I’ll say you raped me.’ So it happened.”


2. Grandmother used to pass me around to her friends when I was little.

“Grandmother used to pass me around to her friends when I was little; I do believe she charged, but that’s not like it makes it any better. I remember wishing I could just drop dead. At 5. Thankfully I don’t really remember what they did once they had me, but I remember crying the entire time I had to stay with them. On the bright side, this is part of the reason I was put up for adoption and given a better life, so not sure how I feel about this on the whole.”


3. I screamed out in pain, but she just got more into it.

“I was about 3 1/2. My sister and I were dropped off at the babysitter (an older woman in her 40s). It was an unusual day in that we were the only kid being watched. The woman who watched us had to leave for a bit and asked her 16-year-old daughter to watch me. (My sister was napping.) I remember this dash vividly from here. She told me I could come upstairs (first time I ever was able to go upstairs). I was passing with some toys in the hall when she told me to come in her room. I did like she said. She just did makeup and such in the vanity mirror.

Then she came over by me and asked me if I knew how to dress and undress myself. I said I did. She told me to take off my clothes. I didn’t understand why, but I did down to my underwear. She told me to get in the bed, and I listened. Meanwhile she took off her shirt and got in as well. She pulled down my underwear and began to play with me, asking me what I liked and didn’t like. Then she began pinching. I would cry out because it hurt. Then she started sucking my dick. I stopped whimpering because it felt good, and immediately she started biting. Not nibbling, but full-on biting. I screamed out in pain, but she just got more into it. She was slapping my face when I cried out and screamed and continued biting, and pinching and playing with my cock until it was bleeding pretty badly. My face was numb from being slapped so much. Even my lip was busted open. And then the mother came home. She got dressed very quickly and made me go to the upstairs bathroom to clean up, the whole time threatening that she’d kill me if I said anything, ever! I cleaned up as best as I could and when she finally let me go back downstairs, I curled up with my sleeping younger sister to keep her safe as well. The mother saw my beaten face and went all Bruce Lee on the daughter. I don’t know much else as I just hid in the downstairs bedroom with my sister and hid us as best as I could.

I didn’t get help for this until I was 19. I pretty much locked it all away in my head until then. It’s caused a lot of issues for me, including getting no pleasure from a blowjob, in fact, usually too scared to even get one from a girl unless I have known them a long time and really trust them. Yes, it does happen to men/boys, too.

Tl;dr: the babysitter’s daughter was a sicko and got off trying to abuse and mutilate my 3-1/2-year-old manhood.”


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