Want A Free Ride With Uber? We Can Set That Up For You.


Hello Thought Catalog Community! As you may have noticed, Thought Catalog has recently teamed up with Uber to bring you a very special offer — your first ride with Uber, for free.

Sign up here to get a $15 credit the first time you use the Uber app, which enough for an entirely free ride in UberX, Uber’s cheaper-than-a-taxi option.

If you haven’t heard of Uber yet, it’s a mobile app that essentially gets a driver for you, and they have service in every major city. No more waiting outside or on hold with the car service — just open up the app, tap a button, and your ride will be there in less than 10 minutes. We recommend, because trying to hitch a ride home at 2 a.m. sucks 100% of the time.

Signing up for Uber is totally free — your credit card is only charged after you exceed your $15 credit.

Sign up here. Your first ride is on Uber. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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