This Was The Strangest Job Interview I've Ever Had At A Law Firm

This Was The Strangest Job Interview I’ve Ever Had At A Law Firm

He laughed, like I was a child who’d said something unintentionally funny. “I don’t know, Tess. Has she filed a lawsuit pleading damages for any injuries that may or may not have taken place? Has she obtained a medical record to verify said injuries? What about an insurance claim, has she filed an insurance claim?”

I narrowed my eyes.

“Is she currently in any mental capacity to sue at all, Tess?” he finished.

My glare became a hateful smirk. This was definitely a game, and it was a game I could win.

“No, Mr. Wilhelm, I don’t believe she is.”

By now the blood had nearly stopped flowing. I crossed one leg over the other so it wouldn’t touch the tip of my shoe.

“There does seem to be a mess on the floor, though,” I said.

“That is a problem,” he admitted. “but that’s what the custodial staff is for.” He picked up the desk phone and dialed an extension. “Yes, Gregor,” he said. “Cleanup. My office.”

“Gregor is my second cousin,” he explained. “He’s been to prison, several times. Very useful for these kinds of situations.”

I’m sure he is…

A deep rumbling shook the outside hallway. Seconds later, the door opened. I turned around, and the scariest man I’d ever seen came in, pushing a garbage can on wheels and pulling a supply cart.

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