6 Little Ways To Make Her Feel More Secure In Your Relationship

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It’s time to bring a little romance into your marriage.

There is a strong link between physical intimacy and the feeling of security with a partner. So whether you’ve been with your partner for 3-months or 3-years, it’s never too early or too late to start thinking up some romantic ideas to strengthen your marriage.

Don’t overlook how powerful your small physical gestures can be in making your wife feel loved, desired, and safe in your marriage. You don’t have to do something extravagant to breathe life into your relationship. Instead, focus on the little things that can make your wife feel like she’s found the spouse of her dreams.

Here are 6 ways you can make her feel secure through small gestures.

1. Spend the Night Cuddling

Sex is great, but sometimes a girl just needs a good cuddle.

Behavioral evidence suggests that the emotional connection between humans has a large impact on social touching as a form of bonding.

One study found that while most people were comfortable lettings mere acquaintances touch their arms or hands, they were generally only comfortable letting someone they had a deep emotional connection to touch them in places such as their backside, head, or neck. Why? Because touching is an intimate experience.

Research suggests that in addition to giving your spouse feelings of comfort and safety with physical touch, the love-bonding hormone oxytocin is also released in response to skin stimulation such as stroking your lover’s arm.

Spoon together before bed and spend some time talking and cuddling or curl up on the couch together while watching television. These actions will make your wife feel safe, secure and cared for.

2. Bring Her an Edible Treat

This physical gesture involves gift giving. More specifically, giving your wife the gift of food.

Women love receiving presents, especially when it is chocolate. Bringing her home her favorite treat is a thoughtful, and delicious, way of showing her that you were thinking about her. This is especially sweet if she was having a bad day or exhausted after a long week.

3. Kiss Her

Kissing is another one of the romantic ideas that is sure to make her feel secure in your relationship. This is because kissing promotes romance and passion between partners.

Want to boost your wife’s libido and make her feel safe in your marriage? Kiss passionately, the way you used to do when you were a teenager and you could spend hours doing it without any expectations of it turning into sex. This builds fantastic sexual anticipation while making her feel loved and cared for.

4. Text Her First

While this gesture doesn’t involve you getting sexually physical, it does involve you physically picking up your phone and making a gesture.

Women love when you text them first. It makes them feel secure because it shows that you’re putting forth the effort to stay in touch throughout the day. By texting her first you’re showing her that you miss her, you were thinking about her, and that you care about how her day is going.

Be genuine with your texts. If she feels like she’s getting a generic message that could be sent to anybody it won’t mean as much. If you’re missing her, tell her why or what made you start thinking about her. She’ll be gushing all over your message for the rest of the day.

So the next time you’re on your lunch break at work or you’re watching television and your girl isn’t around, pick up your phone and send her a little message to let her know you care.

5. Be Intimate Together

When you have an orgasm with your partner the reward center of your brain lights up. This activates dopamine, which is responsible for happiness and pleasure. When you trigger the release of dopamine, alongside the bonding hormone oxytocin, during sex with your partner you bond closer together.

Having sex regularly with your partner also contributes to your overall relationship satisfaction. But, as part of a married couple, you likely already know how important sex is to a healthy marriage.

You may have your sex life down to a science with your wife, but there are still some romantic tips that can make your intimate gestures that much more meaningful.

If you want to add more romance to your sex life, try utilizing these physical gestures the next time you’re intimate with your wife.

• Maintain eye-contact during sex

• Caress her body while making love

• Spend more time pleasuring her during foreplay

• Let her know you’re not in a rush

• Remind her that her orgasm is important to you

• Use complimentary or romantic phrases during sex. Say, I love you, you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, etc.

Sex is one of the most intimate things a woman can share with her husband. You can boost your sex life and make her feel secure and willing to be vulnerable by practicing these romantic sex tips.

6. Give Gifts of Appreciation

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift from the one they love? According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are “5 Love Languages” that couples speak, and one of them explains how certain people respond to “Receiving Gifts.”

Do not mistake receiving gifts for being materialistic, either. According to Chapman, the individual responds to love and thoughtfulness behind the gift.

By giving your wife a small gift like a framed photo of the two of you, a bouquet of flowers, or tickets to an event, you are showing her that you care and that you wanted to do something to make her smile.

Who doesn’t want their wife to feel absolutely adored? Being intimate with your wife is a wonderful way to give her a sense of security in your marriage. With a little bit of romance, physical intimacy can strengthen your bond, promote relationship satisfaction, and contribute to the happiness in your marriage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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