6 People On The Biggest Regret Of Their Life (And Their Biggest Piece Of Advice For You)


1. “I wish I didn’t marry my husband.”

“I wish I didn’t marry my husband. Having been born at the time when you have to marry who got you pregnant, I had no other choice but to accept that it was my fate. During the first year of my marriage, I knew I got myself into trouble. It was far from being a happy one what with him being all possessive, jealous, and suffocating. But I was too scared to get out of my comfort zone. It took me almost twenty years before I finally got the courage to break it off.

Don’t let a situation dictate your decision-making. You can never right a mistake with another mistake. Think long term. Think 100 times before finally making a decision. Make it 1000 times even. If you feel like settling just because of the circumstances, walk away. Or when you have already gotten yourself into something toxic and unhappy, don’t take long to get out of it. You can never change a person as much as you can never take back the time you waste on something that is not working.”

–Nita, 48

2. “I wish I had not let my family stop me from doing what I wanted to do.”

“I shouldn’t have let anyone – even and most especially my family – stop me from doing the things that I love. I wish I had not let them take away my right to decide for myself just because what I want is ‘not safe’ and ‘not normal.’ I wish I could get back the days I spent wondering what things would be like had I been courageous enough.

Go after what you want even when others think it’s nonsensical or non-beneficial. Or actually, regardless of what others think. Even if “others” include the significant people in your life, be they your parents, family, best friend or significant other. It doesn’t matter if you fail. At least then, you wouldn’t have any regrets. You tried. You never really know what is going to happen until you do it.”

–Faye, 21

3. “I wish I didn’t let my girlfriend go.”

“I regret letting go of my ex-girlfriend because of the distance that had gotten between us on our fourth year together. If only I hadn’t been selfish, then maybe – just maybe – I would still be with the best partner I could ever have. She was very patient and understanding, not to mention the sweetest. I miss her sweet notes I’d find in my pocket or bag, the meals she cooked for me. I miss everything we had but most of all, I miss the very person who made me feel alive. Every woman I dated after, I couldn’t help but compare to her and no one came close. I still love her even after two years.

Stop being an asshole and pick up your balls that you dropped on the floor, man. Be bigger than your fears and the struggles that come your relationship’s way. If you already found the girl that makes you genuinely happy, don’t ever let her go. Don’t let her fight alone. Don’t let her slip away. Man up and hold on.”

–Carlo, 24

4. “I wish I put myself first.”

“Ever since and until now, other people and their needs came first. I put them first. I wish I had started prioritizing myself a long time ago, spending me-time doing the things I want and love. I wish it didn’t take me until my 30th birthday to realize that I should always come first.

Start young. Do what you want and enjoy every moment without thinking twice. There are a lot of things to discover in life and in you. Don’t let anything limit you – not your situation, money, or the people around you. Turn your cant’s into cans. Don’t think too much. Just start doing, start living.” 

–Tin, 30

5. “I wish I knew better than compromising my future.”

“Another guy got my ex-girlfriend pregnant and he left her. I loved her still so I took her back. My family didn’t like it so they cut my allowances including my educational support. I wish I knew better than choosing her over my studies. Now I don’t have both – the girl I fought for, and my future.

It is never too late to make things right. If you feel like you’ve lost hope, always remember mornings are beginnings. Learn from your experience – leave regret, sadness, hurt, and angst behind. Take only the lesson and move on.”

–John, 21

6. “I wish I wasn’t this strong.”

I wish I wasn’t as strong as I am. Maybe people would start sticking around, looking after me, giving me the love I also need. Maybe they would start asking me how I am or if everything was okay. Maybe I’d find out how it would be like to be at the receiving end of all the love, understanding and caring I have always been ready to give. I wish I wasn’t wishing this. But I am and it’s okay. Because even strong people get hurt, feel sad and have bad times, too. I just wish somebody would take notice.

–Ynah, 26

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