32 Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out

People have been having supernatural run-ins for years. There’s so much lore out there. What’s real? What’s fiction? How do you decide what you believe? And between urban legends, myths, ghost stories, and supernatural creatures, there’s so much out there. Who are we to say none of it exists?

While I am not a huge horror fan, I am a fan of suspense and supernatural. I feel like a lot of what I see online are the same recycled stuff that you see every time you try to find a supernatural/horror story.

So I decided to start compiling a list of some of my own experiences (which are totally minor compared to some people) and experiences of my friends and family. I also turned to Reddit and Tumblr to try and find people with some unknown and lesser known tales and experiences to help grow my list.

Below are experiences I’ve managed to compile from my friends, family, and some strangers.

1. Kat O.

Basically my sister and I had this same experience. We were staying in a little rental house while moving me into my apartment before sophomore year of college and the two of us were sleeping in the same bed there. One night we had literally just laid down to go to bed when we both started hearing heavy breathing. There was also a perceptible drop in temperature and just a strange feeling in the air, hard to describe. I looked over my shoulder since I was sleeping on my side and I saw a tall dark figure standing next to the bathroom door. While all this was going on, we were both calling to my brother who was sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room, because we thought it was him messing with us. But he kept saying it wasn’t him and then the figure disappeared and the breathing stopped. And then he came in the room so we KNEW it had been a ghost. It was really freaky, especially since we were both totally awake and couldn’t have been dreaming.

2. Leanne S.

Our ghost at Pitt [an old townhouse/apartment-type building in Downtown Charleston] does stuff all the time. Knocks on the door, unlocks the door when we’re out, turns the T.V. on, turns lights on and off, bangs on walls.
[When asked to describe more detail and/or how it feels when stuff like this happens]
I felt freaking terrified. There’s not much detail. Most of the time when we have people over stuff happens.

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