The One-Sentence Mantra That Will Make You Thrive In 2018, Based On Your Birth Month

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I should never stop being ambitious or hardworking, but I also need to make sure I am always making time to rest, rejuvenate, and take care of myself and my emotional/mental wellbeing. 


I do not have to be only one way – I can have deep and complex feelings while also having a silly, light, and goofy side; this is part of being human. 


I should always be proud of my sense of compassion and selflessness for others, but I also need to prioritize taking care of myself first and foremost. 


Adventure is always going to be tempting me from all different directions, but at the beginning of every choice I make, I always need to be taking my time, reflecting on my wants and needs, and really listening to my gut.  


I deserve to have people in my life who are as strong and loving as I am, but that does not mean that I have the right to be picky and overly judgmental. 


I do not need to apologize for being sensitive – all I need to do is pay attention to my own emotions and not be afraid to address my feelings with people I trust, and with myself. 


I will not hold onto the things that weigh me down (anger, grudges, hurt); I will let myself work through them and then I will let them go so that I can feel the lightness I deserve. 


Being a leader means working hard and believing in myself, but it also means being humble, listening to others, and always remembering that there is something more to learn or some new way to grow. 


Even though I like having goals and dreams and plans, I should always be open to trying something new or going off the beaten path. 


I will give out all the love I’ve got, and I will put in the effort every day to do my best not to worry what other people think of me. 


I will put every ounce of my energy and my spirit into achieving my dreams, but I will also remember that I don’t have to do it all on my own – and that there will always be people around me I can lean on. 


I will be kind and giving and gracious to every person I meet or spend time around, without ever acting like they owe me anything back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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