No One Wants To Love A Sad Girl


No one wants to love a sad girl. She is neither the daisies nor the roses. She doesn’t find spring at her feet. She is the melancholic thoughts with an anxious mind. She finds comfort in wearing turtlenecks to cover her face when she cries. She is the one to be late for dates because she has been racing back and forth in her apartment deciding whether or not to go. She cannot bring life to the room with her rings of laughter because she is busy staring at something unknown. You cannot take pride over her like a shiny penny you have collected because she always looks so exhausted.

No one wants to love a sad girl because she is a forever battle you are afraid you will be forced to fight. She makes problems out of nothing and nothing out of everything. She is not spontaneous. She is not the one to sit by the bonfire humming a sweet tune with hair all over her face that you gently tuck behind her ears. Instead you have to hold her hair back tight with her face over the toilet seat vomiting all over.

No one wants to love a sad girl because she is not easy. She has a baggage. She is not that girl on TV you wish you have. No day is the same. No one knows what will the next moment bring in. She is not the one to look perfect in your t-shirt and Calvins with the perfect pair of lips sipping a smoothie through a straw. She is not your manic-pixie dream girl. She does not care for the thousand bucks spent on makeup or the wasted gym membership.

No one wants to love a sad girl because when you first saw her she did not look sad. She had well, a strong face and a sharp tongue. And, you enjoyed it. You seemed to like that edge but not so much when she started telling her story and you started seeing her phases. You panicked. You do not want that. You do not want to be that person who could not make her happy even though you were the one and every reason who made her try to be happy. You wanted the same version of every story with a side of extra pepper. And so you don’t. And it’s okay because she deserves the mountain while you are just a pebble of the ocean. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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