Your Broken Soul Is Fixable

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

Believe me when I tell you that you are fixable. Maybe you are broken to the point where the millions of pieces of yourself have turned into dust scattered in all directions. Your days are now characterized by flashbacks and tears you can’t even account for anymore. Or maybe you now have eventually taken the backseat in your life where you don’t even feel anymore. You are just this person of flesh and bones who tries to find the corner even when your friends are sitting in a circle. And some days when it becomes so hard to breathe and all the pillows and blankets don’t seem enough to cover you up, you crave for this place so distant where there is no calling or waking up. You have forgotten the sweet aroma of coffee and all that matters is the caffeine to kick you through the day. The candles in your room are not lit anymore and the fairy lights have been removed because you don’t know what that term means anymore. Netflix is not something which cheers you up anymore, the smell of your favourite books is strange and the pizza you once loved now makes you want to throw up.

Or maybe, your version of broken doesn’t even have a definition anymore. It is just void and a pit in your stomach you are now getting used to.

But darling, you have got to realize that nothing is going to change no matter how much you would kill for a second chance. Cry all you want; have as many flashbacks as you can, to the point that you don’t find a meaning in reliving them anymore. Feel the fear, embrace you scar, lick your wounds, but don’t side-track them. You have amazing healing powers you are yet to discover. Stop being afraid to rewrite your story. If you are strong enough to get up every morning, you will have the strength to muster up a little faith from beneath the crumbles pieces of yourself and silver line your heart with it. Tell your story, write it down into a bad poetry. Scream, shout, run, break things if you want to but be sure to trash the broken pieces. Let the force of your mind guide you through your vulnerability and help you being whole again. Your mind is a compass, no matter whichever direction you turn it to, it shall always come back to where the sun shines brightest. Your heart will sing again and your soul will dance. You will be you again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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