10 Heartwarming Things To Thank Your Mother For This Mother’s Day

Flickr, Leo Hidalgo
Flickr, Leo Hidalgo

With Mother’s Day approaching you are probably running around trying to find a last minute gift or perfectly sentimentally worded card to do the trick, but in addition to this there are several things to thank your mother for this Sunday. Here are 10 things to thank your mother for this Mother’s Day.

1. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made.

From the perfect little body you may have lost to become pregnant with me. The grey hairs you grew from the stress I caused. The sleepless nights taking care of me when I was sick or upset and the time you’ve given to create the person I am today.

2. Thank you for allowing me to make my own mistakes.

Without making my own mistakes I could have easily just become a rebellion the moment I moved out and went to college, but thanks to you I was able to develop a sense of right and wrong through the loose but not too long of a leash you allowed me to have to while growing up. From setting corndogs on fire, ordering half a phone off eBay, or dating the wrong men, you always allowed me to make the mistake in order to learn from it.

3. Thanks for putting up with me.

From a crying, screaming child, to a temperamental teenager and a stress ball of a college student, you’ve been through it all. You put up with me in all stages of life, no matter the emotion, the situation or the circumstance.

4. Thank you for making me do manual labor.

Whether it was doing the dishes, cleaning the laundry, mowing the yard, or if you were me, this includes shoveling horse and cow manure in the heat of summer and the crisp of winter. Manual labor taught me the worth of hard work and perseverance. I may have hated it at the time but am extremely thankful for it now. I can conquer any job that comes my way thanks to these building blocks.

5. Thank you for being my cheerleader.

You take the time out of your busy hectic day to make every sporting event, pageant and graduation. You cheer me on day after day to reach my goals, and I am accomplishing these thanks to you and your positive cheering you have imposed on me all these years. You never let a bump in the road knock me off track.

6. Thank you for pushing me.

Even when I didn’t want it or ask for it you pushed me to always do my best, and push my limits. When I was too tired to do my homework after a late night basketball game or whether it was to overcome my fear of public speaking, you pushed me. You pushed me into becoming a better well-rounded person that is not scared of anything and doesn’t let anything or anyone from keeping me from my goals.

7. Thank you for always listening.

From relationships, school, work or the next life plan that includes everything from my dream house, job and husband, you always listen. Whether it’s a 30-second conversation or a five hour long drive trying to stay awake, you always find the time and will to listen.

8. Thank you for not giving me everything I wanted.

Otherwise I would have become a spoiled little brat. You gave me what I needed and let me work for the rest, creating a person that works hard in order to get what they want and not feel obligated to anything.

9. Thank you for showing me what love is.

From relationship goals to friendship goals, you have shown me what it means to love.. The love you show towards your husband, my father. The love you show towards your mother, my grand-mother and your sisters, my aunts. The love you show to strangers and most importantly the love you have shown to me and my sisters, your daughters. You have shown me how to love others and love myself.

10. Thank you for inspiring me to become the woman I have.

You have stood the strength of time and have been my number one role-model and supporter. You have molded me into the goal-driven, strong and ambitious women I am today and I thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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