21 Reasons Boston Terriers Are Totally Unfit To Be Pets

1. They will always be suspicious of you, no matter what.

2. And will dress up in things that you’re most scared of.

3. Not to mention they’re generally unaware of what’s going on around them.

4. They love to steal blankets.

5. Don’t ask. They won’t share with you.

6. They love to hog the couch, too.

7. They’ll always challenge you to a staring contest.

8. The worst part is, they’ll win every time.

9. See? They do this even from a young age.

10. They have no semblance of etiquette.

11. Like, get out of there!

12. They take your hard-earned cash.

13. And they’re totally into themselves.

14. They’ll purposefully untie your shoelaces…

15. Because they hate going outside.

16. They really, really hate the outdoors.

17. They will ignore you as long as possible until they want something from you.

18. And they’ll wear your stuff to make fun of your behind your back.

19. Those are my spectacles!

20. And they really hate having friends.

21. How can you love a dog like this?

Please adopt a dog from your nearest animal shelter! Love your pets. Every single one of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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