9 New Year's Resolutions For The Girls Learning To Love Themselves

9 New Year’s Resolutions For The Girls Learning To Love Themselves

That wasn’t a criticism, by the way. It’s okay if you’re still learning to love yourself. I am, too. I always am.

As this year draws to a close, there’s no better time to reflect on the past 12 months.

What did you learn about yourself?

In what ways did you grow?

Did you love yourself the way you hope to be loved by others?

How can you love yourself more fully next year?

And why wait, when you can start right now.

Here are 9 New Year’s resolutions for the girls learning to love themselves.

1. I will learn to love the body I came in.

Even when there are voices telling you it’s okay if you want to change it. Even when you find yourself desperate to edit yourself. Because your body is your sacred temple. No one’s is like yours, and that’s what makes it so incredible.

You were born into this world at peace with your body. You were taught to hate yourself. But there’s still time to return to love.

2. I will walk away from anyone who makes me feel I’m hard to love.

There will be plenty of people, opinions, and voices like this. But don’t you dare believe them.

The ones who struggle to love you as you are, do so because they’re lacking in love.

Walk away from anyone like this with your head held high. They are only keeping you from your power.

3. I will choose love over hate.

Because love is your default setting. You are made of love, but somewhere along the way you’ve been separated from this knowing.

Each day, you can choose to love yourself, instead of hate. You can witness that negative thought, and replace it with a positive one. You can look in the mirror and stand there until you find something to love about yourself.

This year, promise yourself you’ll choose love.

4. I will leave yesterday in the past, and focus on today.

It’s okay if yesterday was a shitty day. It’s okay if the past ten years have been hell. Today is a new day; a new chance to start over, and focus on loving yourself.

It doesn’t matter how many times you haven’t, or how many times you slipped back into old patterns along the way. What matters is that you forget all of that, and think about what you can do today to love yourself a little more than you did the day before.

5. I will be patient with myself.

Because it’s a long road to learning to love yourself. Patience and kindness will be your greatest friends on this journey; so if you haven’t already, reach for their loving hands, and don’t let go.

Some days will be easier than others, so please, don’t be hard on yourself. Love is always patient.

6. I will step fully into my power.

There have been thieves and liars in your life who have stripped you of your power or convinced you it never existed. But I want you to know that whatever happened, your power is still within you. It always has been, and it always will be.

This year, choose to step fully into your power. Reclaim it. Allow it to ground you, and fuel the fire that burns within. And once you find it, never let it go again.

7. I will remember I am loved.

You are loved, no matter what you might think.

There are people in your life who love you. There are people you’ve never met who love you.

And no matter how much you’re struggling to love yourself as you read this, I need you to remember that. Remember this on the bad days, as well as the good ones.

Whisper these words to yourself before you go sleep at night, and let these be the first three words you think as you rise.

8. I will surround myself with other girls learning to love themselves.

The ones who are doing the hard, inner soul work, instead of cutting, sewing & sculpting until they’re happy with their reflection. The ones who will give you the truth, instead of the things your ego wants to hear. The ones who always shower you with love and light, instead of joining the darkness.

When you surround yourself with other girls and women vibrating on the same level as you, the love inside each of you will expand.

9. I will remember my beauty forms from the inside, out.

Not the other way around. There are certain people who have tried to make you think that striving for perfection on the outside will eventually make you happy.

This isn’t possible, because if you’re continually chasing something out there to make you happy, you are telling yourself that you aren’t enough to make yourself happy.

Real happiness and peace come from within. From knowing you are your soul and not your body. Your beauty begins in your soul and radiates out.

Remember this. Carry it with you this year, and every year after that.   Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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