I Hope You Never Stop Believing That Your Time Is Coming

To All The Beautiful Souls Who Feel Unloved Today

Dear beautiful soul,

You might’ve woken up in bed alone this morning, but I want you to know that someone in this world loves you.

Someone in this world wishes you well. 

Someone feels the sadness aching between the walls of you, and prays for it to be gone.

Someone senses your struggle, because they used to walk in your shoes, and they want you to remember that without darkness, there cannot be light.

And that might be tough for you to drink in right now, because you feel like there’s no one holding your fragile heart. There’s no person standing by your side, for you to lean on when the storm hits. You feel as though everyone has someone, apart from you.

And maybe you’ve started looking inwards, questioning if perhaps you’re just this un-loveable human who will never get to experience the rainbow of someone’s endless love, flowing freely from their heart to yours.

I need you to know that there are people scattered across this greeny-blue planet who are sending you tidal waves of love today.

You might never have met them.

You might have crossed paths randomly two days ago.

You might even find they’re the people you least expect to be wishing you well.

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you believe these people do exist, and that their love for you is real.

If you woke up alone this morning; if you always wake up alone every morning; please, do not let that define you. Do not let those voices in your head convince you you’re not somebody who is worth loving.

Because I promise you, you are.

Wherever you might be right now – take your hand, and place it on your heart. Feel it beating as your chest gently expands, and falls again. Allow yourself to be fully in this moment, leaving your thoughts behind.

Your heart is bursting with love. And that love is infinite. Because love is an energy. No matter how much you give it out, or how much it depletes over time – it will always fill itself back up to the brim again.

So whenever life feels heavy, or you feel lost or alone; place your hand upon your heart.

Know that all of the love you need right now can be found right there.

Your heart is alive with the love of strangers you’ve never met.

Your heart is coloured with the love wrapped in the brilliant blue sky above, the breadth of the jewelled oceans, and the pure heat of the golden sun.

And your heart is home to the cosmic creation that is you.

You are adored by the stars that twinkle from their blanket above. 

You are held by the hands of this earth.

You are loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I hold a mirror to your soul, so you can see how beautiful you are

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