13 Little Signs He’s Completely Falling In Love With You

13 Little Signs He's Completely Falling In Love With You
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1. You catch him staring at you just a little longer than usual.

FYI – this is totally different to him checking you out.

This is when you’re maybe sat on the sofa in the middle of a half-conversation while you’re also concentrating on something else, and you look up at him only to find your eyes meet, and this time you know something’s different because he takes a little longer than usual to look away.

He’s crazy about you and his eyes can’t help but linger on you.

2. He wants you to meet his friends and family.

He encourages meet ups with his close friends and family because it’s important to him that you all get along with each other.

Only a man who sees yours as a long term relationship will bother making introductions to his nearest and dearest, so it’s safe to say he sees you becoming part of his family in the future.

3. He makes plans with you in the future.

He’s not scared to invite you to his brother’s wedding next year, to book a summer vacation with you in advance or to even buy a house with you, because he’s falling head over heels for you and wants you to be a part of his future.

4. Most of his free time is spent with you.

And he likes it this way. He never tires of your company, and wants to spend as much time as he possibly can with you (without making you feel suffocated of course).

You don’t have to plan anything special in order to get him to show up – he’s more than happy with a night in with pizza and trashy TV, as long as you’re by his side.

5. He loves to cuddle just as much as you do.</h3>

Men aren’t best known for being mad into cuddles, especially early on in a relationship. But if your man is always pulling you in close for a big bear hug – in and out of the bedroom – it’s because he wants to feel close to you and never let you go.

6. He’ll go to the movies with you and sit through a chick flick.

Even though he probably feels incredibly uncomfortable or bored for the entire two hours.

A man who’s falling for you will put your needs above his own and will go out of his way to make you happy. And he won’t sit there and sulk either – he’ll hold your hand the whole way through and try his best to be open-minded.

7. He always wants and values your opinion.

Whether it’s something small like what color tie he should wear, or something big like should he take this new career opportunity, he always runs everything by you because your opinion is incredibly important to him.

Men don’t like to admit when they need help or advice, so if he’s actively reaching out to you it’s because he has the utmost respect and trust for you.

8. He’s not afraid to contact you first, or multiple times

If he’s thinking about you he won’t hesitate to reach out to you, regardless of whether he already texted you twice today.

You’ll get messages out the blue like, I miss you,” or “Thinking about you x,” when you’re apart, because he always wants to maintain close contact with you (and not in a stalkerish way).

Only a man who genuinely cares about you will behave this way.

9. When you’re upset, he won’t stop until he makes you feel better

When you have a problem, he takes it on as his own problem. He’ll be concerned about your feelings, will listen patiently to all of your problems – no matter how trivial and will be there for you until your tears run dry and that beautiful smile reappears on your face.

10. Sex feels way more intense than it ever did before.

Because sex is no longer just sex to him. Everything will feel ten times more intimate because sex is now another way for him to show you just how passionate he is about his true feelings for you. He doesn’t just want your bodies to feel close, but your minds and your spirits too.

11. He is your biggest cheerleader.

Whether you get a big promotion at work, or you successfully bake some choc chip muffins without setting the kitchen on fire – he’s always there cheering you on and encouraging you to celebrate all of your accomplishments – no matter how small they might feel to you.

A man who loves you will be insanely proud of you at all times and will always try to boost your confidence in every way he can.

12. He remembers the important things about you.

Like your birthday, the anniversary of when you guys became official, and your favorite perfume. He remembers all of these things because when you speak, he wants to soak up everything you say so he knows and understands you just a little bit more than he did yesterday.

You know he’s falling in love with you when you don’t have to constantly remind him of the things that are important to you, because they’ve become important to him.

13. He never gives up on your relationship

You’ve probably dated many an a-hole in the past, who ran for cover anytime you argued or things got a little tough.

But the man who loves you is a man. He knows that any healthy relationship will involve disagreements and fall-outs, but that’s no reason to throw away all that you’ve built together so far.

Whatever it is, he wants to work things out and he knows the both of you are stronger than anything that comes your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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