This Is For The Girls Who Are ‘Hard Work’ To Love

Jenny Woods
Jenny Woods

Once upon a time, you probably dated, or maybe you’re still dating, a guy who has told you that you’re difficult. Challenging. High maintenance. Stubborn AF. Hard work. I hope you didn’t take it as criticism. I hope you took it as a compliment. Because it is one.

Word on the street is I’m hard work, but y’know what?

I think all the best girls are.

We expect to date in the old-fashioned sense of the word. He has to make a noticeable effort. The first date is his one chance to make a bold first impression. We want him to sweep us off our feet. Of course we do. But what girl doesn’t?

We keep guys on their toes. There’s no room for them to grow complacent. They have to continue to impress us long after the initial dating game is over.

We’re strongly opinionated. But it’s only because we care so deeply about a whole lot of things – even those far beyond our control.

We call guys out on their bullshit. Because we quickly recognise when we’re not being treated the way we deserve to be. And maybe no one else has the balls to tell him he’s being an asshole. But we’ll step up. Not because we like pointing the finger. Not because we revel in conflict. Not because we want to gain the upper hand. But because our hearts always push us into doing what our heads know is right.

It’s not always easy, but we will do it anyway.

He might tell you you’re hard work, but girls like us never label ourselves easy.

If they let us down, they soon expect to hear about it. And why shouldn’t they? Keeping quiet when someone you care about has caused you pain, is only going to give that pain room to linger and grow.

We expect a lot. We want someone in their entirety. Their time. Their mind. Their affection. Their heart. And we want to see their soul too.

Ok, so we might want the world.
But we’ll offer the world, too.

That’s why he stuck around so long. That’s why he hasn’t let you go.

We challenge someone to be their best self, just like we challenge ourselves. We expect the best, because we know just how good they have the capacity to be. We’ve seen him be better, so we find ourselves unable to accept less.

We fight to the end of the earth for someone and all the way back again. Because nowhere is too far. And he will always be worth it.

We will be there for them, always. Through the sunshine and thunder storms. Especially those thunderstorms. Because life is hard, and love can be even harder. But it’s also the only thing that manages to pull us through sometimes.

We love like no one else does.

Fiercely. Completely. Unapologetically. We will give somebody our everything.

Call us hard work, but all we’re ever asking for is the same in return. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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