Why You Should Think Long and Hard Before Naming Your Child

For anyone else out there with a name that is hard to pronounce, odd, or just spelled in a way where you know your parents were trying really hard to be different—No, Sara without an “h” or Ann without an “e”, you do not count—you’re probably all too familiar with what I like to call, the “Five Step Program to Not Smelling as Sweet by Any Other Name” a.k.a. “Why you really shouldn’t name your child Pilot.”

Why I’m Not Changing My Last Name After Marriage

When I say legal reasons, I already know what is being thought: “Oh, so she’s not changing her name because she thinks the marriage will end in divorce.” No. Although it’s statistically very possible, I wouldn’t be getting married in the first place if I had any doubt in my mind about the strength of my relationship with my fiancé.

An Open Letter To My Parents When They Were Naming Me 20 Years Ago

In later years, Mother, I will learn that it was your husband, your foolhardy husband, who chose the spelling. The name started as Sachi, said as it’s spelled, which is the wife of the Hindu lord Indra. This developed into Saachi, meaning truth, as we discussed before. Then, sometime between your first trimester and the moment I ruined your lives, it turned into “Scaachi.”

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