8 Things He Wishes You’d Do More Often That Have Nothing To Do With Sex


1. Listen to him

Men are adult children. They ask a lot of questions, always want to know ‘Why’ and barely learn the answers. You may find it nerve wrecking sometimes to deal with another person’s mambo jumbo monologue and existential tantrums. But here’s the catch: you are not the only person in the relationship who needs to express themselves. As much as you’d like to make yourself believe men do not need so much attention and dedication and care, the odds are your partner will ask for your full attention – and you’ll want to offer it to him.

2. Remember he needs time alone.

We all need time alone. Humans, animals, birds, you name it. Let space in the relationship for quality time in your own company and allow yourself to give him the same privilege.

3. Stay invested in the relationship.

Don’t take your partner for granted just because he’s showering you with loving kindness today. Things could change about tomorrow and you may end up alone, frustrated and feeling misunderstood.

4. Pursue your own dreams.

Keep focused on your passions, hobbies and work – they came with you in the relationship but this doesn’t mean they should go!

5. Look after yourself.

Every man wants a healthy, sexy, toned woman, just as every woman desires a good looking, fit and spirited guy. You don’t have to overdo it, you just need to remember a relationship doesn’t cancel your duty to your own body, mind and health.

6. Blow him in the morning.

It is scientifically proven that the best and strongest hard on a man would benefit from is in the morning. Not to mention you both also get a great start of the day.

7. Maintain great skin.

If you want him to stay fit all his life, you have to offer the same attitude. Besides, who doesn’t want to age beautifully? Befriend sunscreen, coconut and cocoa oils (if you haven’t already) and drink plenty of water.

8. Be his friend.

Your significant man should be your best friend. It makes sense that you want to make the most of your relationship, so take the leap together and make the best last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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