10 Signs A Guy Truly Values The Girl Who Loves Him

Mara Roxas

1. He looks at you like maybe you are magic.

A man’s gaze can tell more than a million words. You can tell by the way his eyes follow your naked body playfully around the house on a Sunday morning, just after you got out of the shower, by the way he looks at you with complete fascination when you talk about your most vivid passions, by the way his gaze fills with tearful emotion when he hasn’t seen you in a long time.

2. He takes pleasure in offering love.

True love is about giving, not taking. And you will be able to tell that by the eagerness he has to please you, to stand up to your heart with respect, dignity and unadulterated faith. If he’s a giver, he’s a keeper!

3. He makes you his priority, not an option.

He makes time to talk to you, listen to you, help you out not just in difficult situations but with mostly any tiny thing – simply because he firmly believes love is about sharing, caring and experiencing a strong, transforming bond. He makes time for you in spite of your busy schedules, problems or missed connections. Time is money, but to him time is also love lived well.

4. He wants to share his life with you.

He pays great admiration to you and is eager to take you on a trip in his own world, not keeping any secrets from you and inviting you to explore together all the possibilities of romance. He cares about the relationships you build with his friends, his family, his co-workers, and doesn’t pressure you to do anything you wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with.

5. He really sees you.

Few people are able to see inside your soul, detect all the shades and nuances of your intimacies, to actually read you like an open book. If he can read your mind and know your heart’s wantings even without you mentioning them, he is truly worth all your time.

6. He treasures you.

And he doesn’t keep that to himself. He loves to make a big deal out of your relationship and express his pride and admiration to his friends, family and other important people in his life. He takes great pleasure in expressing how he feels about your connection, without making a show out of it. He just truly enjoys what the two of you have.

7. He is committing to you.

He values your relationship and wants to be exclusive. He makes plans with you for the future and consults you in all important aspects of your shared life. He genuinely harvests stability and safety in the relationship, because he knows how important are those for the health of your future together.

8. His actions speak louder than his words.

He hates to overpromise and underdeliver, especially in love. He’ll surprise you with a big opportunity, a small taken of admiration or a romantic getaway rather than projecting out loud how he’ll make those things happen and make you wait forever.

9. He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with you.

He knows you love him, and he feels completely free to let go and express his fears, hopes and dreams with you. He isn’t afraid you will judge, dismiss or abandon him because he has faith in what you’ve got going.

10. He wants to immerse himself in your world.

He knows how important your individuality, hobbies, projects and friendships are to you and he will take a stand to be an important part of your life, if you let him. He entertains your friends, offers to help whenever he’s solicited and offer great advice to everyone in need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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