My Brown Eyes Are Beautiful

Ah brown eyes, the eye colour that statistically is less favoured. Perhaps it has something to do with how dominant and common they are. They are in such abundance that they are not considered unique in any way.

As a voracious reader, I would often find that blue and green eyes were given eloquent and elaborate descriptions. They were compared to the sky and the sea, to sapphires and emeralds. Grey and hazel eyes, while not as popular, were still given notable characterizations by being likened to storm clouds and described as alluring. What was the adjective most commonly used to describe brown eyes? Plain.

I have brown eyes so dark that it is impossible to distinguish between the pupil and iris unless I am standing in direct sunlight. Growing up I felt genetically cheated out of having a “pretty” eye colour; one that reflected my personality. I’ve always been very outgoing, and vibrant, yet the windows to my soul are considered anything but that. They are thought to be ordinary, boring, plain.

In the black community, a child born with lighter eyes is automatically regarded as more beautiful and is considered special.

No wonder I found my own eyes to be unappealing! Society was telling me that they were the least desirable. It took a long time for me to not only like my eyes, but to genuinely love them. Brown eyes are anything but plain. The darker the shade of brown the more alluring and mysterious, the lighter the shade the more warmth they seem to give off.

We all have preferences for what eye colour we like best, or what eye colour we wish we had been born with. Brown eyes may never be deemed as enchanting as the other shades, but at the end of the day when we look into the eyes of our best friends, of a significant other, of our pets, what do we see? Yes, we see an eye colour that plays a part in what makes them beautiful, but hopefully, we also see more than that.

When those that I love look into my eyes, I hope that along with my strengths and vulnerabilities, they see my love for them reflected. It is in that reflection that you will find the beauty in my brown eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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