Falling For Someone

Haley Powers

Fall for someone that makes you vibrate.

Fall for someone that reminds you how special you are.

Fall for someone that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see each other.

Fall for someone who makes you feel loved and desired.

Fall for someone who only has eyes for you.

Fall for someone who loves you for who you are.

We all have our personal experiences with love and know how beautiful and scary falling for someone feels like. The butterflies in our stomach, waiting for a good morning text, spending countless hours talking about just any topic. Yeah, love is an amazing feeling that can bring the best of us but can also hit us harder than a bullet. Be careful who you give your heart to.

Choose someone you can trust, someone you have no doubt will hold your heart in his or her hands and won’t let it fall. It’s a risky thing to do, but it’s really exciting at the same time, to feel vulnerable and depend on someone else is just a thrilling idea.

We all know the stages we go through when we fall for someone. Some fall really fast, others are more cautious ante take more time. Some say it takes a couple of weeks, other than it only takes a second.

I think they’re both right since we can’t control who we fall for, it just happens. You can fall for someone after a brief exchange of words in college, or after months of hanging out with someone. That’s a cool thing about love, it just comes when the time is right. It’s scary too because sometimes we fall for people we never thought we would.

We try to find people based on what we are attracted to, but sometimes we meet someone so different that we can just ask how the hell we are falling for that person. That’s just how love works, it’s unexpected, beautiful, mysterious and exciting.

I’m falling for someone I never expected to fall for and that scares me. It scares me that things won’t work, that I’m misunderstanding the situation. I’m scared that at the end my heart will end up broken and it will take a long time to heal.

I’m afraid that if I fall for her I’m going to end up hurt, but at the same time, I’m afraid of the “what ifs?” that will come if I don’t face it. I give this so much thought that I make a thousand excuses to explain what I’m feeling and how I’m actually not falling for her.

Again, they’re just excuses to deny the truth, which is that I’m falling for a girl I never thought I would.

Fall for someone who makes you vibrate. This girl makes me vibrate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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