6 Things That Happen When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Flickr / Mateus Lunardi Dutra
Flickr / Mateus Lunardi Dutra

We all fall in love for someone at least once in a lifetime. Love is that indescribable and unmeasurable feeling of joy that fills our entire body. It’s an amazing feeling that can bring us the happiest moments in our lives, as well as the worst.

You dedicate completely to that person to the point that all your needs are second place compared to her needs. But what happens when that person doesn’t love you back?

1. The pain will come

You’ll start feeling that the world is tearing apart and you’ll feel like every single piece of you is shattering into pieces. You can’t believe that after everything you’ve done and all you’ve been through, someone else got that place in her heart. Pain will slowly take possession of your body and eventually you’re gonna cry. Yes, you’re gonna cry no matter how tough you are, because you really loved her and losing her wasn’t on your plans.

2. …and then the denial

You’re gonna deny the fact that she’s in love with someone else. You’re gonna try not to face the truth about the situation and will try to convince yourself that it’s just a bad dream. Every part of you knows the truth, but you won’t face it and that will make you feel even more pain. Probably you’ll ask her to have lunch together and she’ll tell you that she has plans with her date and you will be in that awkward moment when you’re left speechless and you will tell her how happy you’re for her, but you’re going through a heartbreak that will make you cry again.

3. She’ll be closer to you than ever

To add salt to the wound, she’ll be closer to you than ever. She’ll tell you everything about the guy she’s dating and how nervous she is about him because she’s really into him and you’ll be like “please stop, don’t you see I love you and it hurts me to know all of this…” She’ll tell you how much she needs you right now and even though you don’t like the idea you will support her just to be near her and to make her happy. Her smile will motivate you and little by little the pain will be replaced with hope that someday maybe she’ll be interested in you.

4. One day she’ll introduce you to the guy

The day you meet the guy will be a tough one. You’ll question yourself why she chose him over you. It will be really hard to be neutral with your comments, because you’d want to tell her she’s making a terrible mistake, but you won’t do it because you want her to be happy even if that means to let her go.

5. And then comes the moment of truth

Either she will be the guy’s girlfriend, or she’ll change her mind and leave him. Let’s be honest, the first one is the most probable option. You will still be hurt, but the wounds will start healing, and the fact that she’s happy will make you feel a bit better.

6. Someday you’ll find someone else in which you’ll fall for

You’ll eventually heal, but you’ll always remember her and that will haunt you for some time. You’ll be scared to let love come to your life again. Calm down, it’s normal. When something or someone hurts us it’s difficult to forget it and we tend to be scared, but someone will eventually help us heal. Someday you’ll meet another girl that will make you fall for her and the feelings that once belonged to another girl will awaken and fill your heart with hope. And at that moment, you’ll make a tough choice between giving yourself a chance to love again, or not. Hopefully that person you fell for will love you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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