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6 Keys To Achieving “Mastery”

Excerpted from Mastery (A #1 New York Times Bestseller) The path to power is surprisingly simple. For great masters like Da Vinci, Napoleon, Paul Graham, Santiago Calatrava, Thomas Edison, Temple Grandin it has always been the same.

The 3 Vital Steps Of The Apprenticeship Phase

The principle is simple and must be engraved deeply in your mind: the goal of an apprenticeship is not money, a good position, a title, or a diploma, but rather the transformation of your mind and character—the first transformation on the way to mastery.

How To Discover Your Life’s Path — And Achieve Mastery

You end up choosing a career that does not really suit you. Your desire and interest slowly wane and your work suffers for it. You come to see pleasure and fulfillment as something that comes from outside your work. Because you are increasingly less engaged in your career, you fail to pay attention to changes going on in the field–you fall behind the times and pay a price for this.