A Comprehensive List Of Everything You Need To Accomplish By The End Of Your 20s


The internet is full of lists, ideas, and even requirements of things you need to accomplish during every step of your twenties. There’s also the other side that tells you the things you should DEFINITELY have out of your life by the time you’re halfway through your twenties. To help you navigate all of the confusion I’ve put together the most comprehensive and thorough list of everything you need to have accomplished by the time your twenties are over. Are you ready?


Why do we think life has a checklist of things you do in order to reach some sort of intangible destination? This isn’t Super Mario Bros 3 where you can play through each level, but at some point you should really get one of those magic flutes and transport ahead to the later levels. Who cares what someone thinks you should be or should not be doing at your age? And also, why are you listening to someone in their twenties telling you what to do in your twenties? I’m in my thirties and I barely qualify to discuss my previous decade.

If you want to get married then get married. If you want to stay single until you’re 60, go for it. So what if you spend Saturday nights playing Xbox or watering plants. It’s so frustrating that we’ve created this idea that if you’re not doing these things by this time, then something is wrong with you. Why? “YOU NEED MORE!” Do I? Because right now I’m happy, I do what I love, and I enjoy my life. There’s no set formula to life. You live and you make good choices as well as bad choices.

The concept of success has become so distorted that we have no idea when to be content. If we don’t have something to brag about on Facebook or a picture that looks like we’re living the high life on Instagram then we feel less than everyone else. There’s always going to be someone with more than you or that lives what appears to be a more exciting life than you. Ok great. Is your goal to be the most successful and adventurous person alive? Good luck! I’m not telling you to live irresponsibly and set yourself up for future failure, but stop trying to fit into a mold that someone else created for you. You get one chance at life, so waste it trying to impress everyone else while completely neglecting yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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