What’s The One Thing Guys Wish Girls Would Stop Doing?


If you’ve ever asked your boyfriend, “What’s one thing you would change about me?” you probably didn’t get an honest answer. “Babe, you’re perfect.” “Maybe if I could spend more time with you?” Things like that are usually the norm because no one wants to hear, “Stop wearing your hair pulled back because it makes you look like a guy.” It’s hurtful and as much as you think you want an honest answer, you don’t. I don’t either. To take the feelings out of the question, I asked 17 guys to tell me the one thing they wished girls would stop doing. Some of their answers may surprise you. Of course you could do the exact same question to girls about guys, but it’s interesting to see what could be the biggest frustration in your guy’s life. Enjoy!

1. “Stop taking screenshots of failed attempts at courting and posting it on social media. I get when it’s cheaters or excessively obnoxious people who deserve it, but at least give dudes the opportunity to fail without public humiliation.”

2. “I wish girls would stop building expectations for us and not telling us about said expectations. It’s impossible to follow rules if they aren’t posted anywhere.”

3. “If I say I don’t care where we eat, it really means that I don’t care where we eat. You don’t have to keep asking like I’m keeping it a secret or something.”

4. “Can we agree on both sides not to hook up with each other’s friends? I had an ex that hooked up with two of my friends and it was completely awful.”

5. “Stop labeling yourself as a “bitch” and treating it like it’s an admirable quality.”

6. “Please stop using Marilyn Monroe quotes.”

7. “I won’t look in magazines and expect you to look like that if you stop watching romantic movies and expecting me to act like they do. It’s an impossible standard that no one can reach.”

8. “If I’m helping you with something that I’m obviously not familiar with, don’t keep yelling at me and telling me I’m not doing a good enough job.”

9. “When I cum if it happens to go everywhere don’t start laughing during it. If you make a weird cow sound when you’re having an orgasm I won’t bust out laughing because I know it would completely kill it for you.”

10. “Stop hashtagging every word in your Instagram posts. No one is searching for the hashtag #fun on Instagram.”

11. “I always thought that the leaving the toilet seat up thing was just hacky sitcom bs, but it’s a real thing! You ran your car into a pole and the headlight is hanging out of the front and you don’t think to mention it, but if you come home and the toilet seat is up, it’s like you’ve found out I kidnap children and keep them in the basement.”

12. “This may not be a big thing, but if girls could stop wearing flesh colored leggings it would save me a lot of potential embarrassment.”

13. “Stop posting text messages between you and your friends online. No one is interested in you guys making plans for lunch. Why would you post that?”

14. “Stop dating dickheads and then complaining that your boyfriend is a dickhead.”

15. “Don’t text your ex and then act like I’m being jealous for complaining about it.”

16. “Does every shot have to be an event? Just take the shot and stop woo-ing and hugging everyone after each drink.”

17. “Stop left swiping me on Tinder. I’m cool I promise!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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