The 50 Greatest Hip Hop Songs Of The 90s


The 90s were such an amazing time for hip-hop. The styles and sounds shifted tremendously from that of the 80s and some of the biggest names in the genre emerged as, not just superstars, but legends. Since there are so many rappers that had numerous hit songs and there are only 50 spots on the list, there will only be one song per artist. Also, it’s a decade of music compressed into 50 songs, so some of your favorites won’t make the list. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts, but try to leave my mother out of it. Thanks!

50. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby)

49. Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours

48. Skee-Lo – I Wish

47. Positive K – I Got a Man

46. The Lady of Rage – Afro Puffs

45. Erykah Badu – On & On


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