14 Scenes From Kids Movies That Will Still Make You Cry


Why is it that studios insist on putting the most traumatizing scenes imaginable into kid’s movies? Watching David Lynch movies didn’t do as much harm to my child psyche, than the first ten minutes of Up. If you’re brave enough to watch them all, here are the 14 scenes from kid’s movies that will still make you cry.

1. My Girl – Thomas Jay’s Funeral

If it wasn’t heartbreaking enough to see Thomas Jay be murdered by a bunch of bees, we then get to see Vada completely melt down at his funeral. Seriously, just put on his glasses!

2. Harry and the Hendersons – Harry Gets Punched

I never thought John Lithgow punching a bigfoot in the face could make me so emotional, but I remember watching this in the theater with my parents and just sobbing uncontrollably.

3. The Land Before Time – Littlefoot’s Mom Dies

Oh cool, we get to see his mother die right in front of his face as he realizes he is now alone in the world. Great times! I’m glad they made 100 more of these movies!

4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit – A Shoe Gets The Dip

We already knew Judge Doom was a monster, so why did it have to be such a sweet, innocent character to get murdered by The Dip? I would have worn you forever, cartoon shoe.

5. Up – The First 10 Minutes

Just in case you thought you were taking your kids to a fun, wacky Pixar movie, guess again. In the opening scenes you see a couple go through the pains of a miscarriage and the loneliness an old man feels once his lifelong partner has passed away. Why am I watching this?

6. The Lion King – Mufasa Dies

In the ‘90s movies didn’t care how old you were and they didn’t make death scenes subtle at all. At least Finding Nemo didn’t show us Nemo’s mom and siblings being eaten. In The Lion King we get the full show as Mufasa tumbles to his death at the hands of his brother while his son looks on in horror.

7. Toy Story 3 – The Incinerator Scene

OK seriously, this one killed me. The gang is struggling to escape the incinerator when they come to the realization that there’s no way they’re going to escape. They accept their fate and join hands so they can die together!? STOP IT NOW!

8. Bambi – Bambi’s Mom Gets Shot

Does this one even need an introduction? It’s been the source of more therapy sessions than any movie should ever be responsible for.

9. Monsters Inc. – Kitty Has To Go

Again, if you told me I would be crying over a monster not being able to pop out of a little girl’s closet anymore, I would have laughed at you. Yet here we are, crying like a baby.

10. An American Tail – The ENTIRE Movie

11. Never Ending Story – Artax’s Death

If you were 8-12 when this movie came out, I’m sure you’ve tried to block this moment from your memory. When he starts screaming, “You have to try! You’re my friend! I love you!” I’m done.

12. Old Yeller – Old Yeller Dies

This is the definitive awful moment for kid’s movies. It taught us that, no matter how much you love your pet, one day you will have to execute it??

13. Homeward Bound – Shadow Says Goodbye

“You’ve learned everything you need, Chance. Now all you have to learn is how to say goodbye.” WHAT?! Why are you doing this to me??

14. All Dogs Go To Heaven – That Awful Ending

Just to refresh your memory on this movie, a dog dies and goes to Heaven, but steals his “life clock” in order to return to earth. If the clock stops ticking HE GOES TO HELL. At the end of the movie, after Charlie, the dog, has already died, his spirit comes back to tell Anne-Marie goodbye. Notice the swirling fire and giant demon that has arrived to claim his soul. What is going on right now? TC Mark


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