The 25 Greatest Kids Movies Of The ‘90s

I realize that I’m asking to be yelled at by a bunch of people in their late 20s, but this was put together with careful consideration and thought. Note that there are no animated films included, just live action movies. If you tried to combine the two it would quickly jump from 25 to 125. While the order may rearrange for some, these are the best kids movies we were given in the ‘90s.

25. The Big Green

[youtube=]It was basically The Mighty Ducks on a soccer field without Emilio, but still keeping the kid from Son in Law around. This is as close as I’ll get to watching an actual soccer game.

24. Monkey Trouble/Dunston Checks In

[youtube=]I’m not sure how you can compare these two movies since they came out so close to one another and both tell the story of a kid trying to keep a mischievous monkey from misbehaving. That being said, I love them both.

23. Mrs. Doubtfire

[youtube=]I was never trusting of housekeepers after this movie, but Robin Williams could play that broom guitar like none other, couldn’t he?

22. Beethoven

[youtube=]Who doesn’t love watching Charles Grodin be tormented by a giant St. Bernard? There are probably a dozen sequels, but nothing beats the original.

21. Homeward Bound

[youtube=]If your pet ever disappeared, deep down you knew it was going to turn out OK thanks to this movie. By the way, don’t get it confused with Milo & Otis, which is a terrifying movie where I’m fairly certain multiple animals died.

20. 3 Ninjas

[youtube=]A group of adorable brothers take on a bunch of Japanese criminals. How is this not the plot of every movie?

19. Jumanji

[youtube=]I know that board game caused mass destruction, but how much did you want your boring game of monopoly to turn into that every Saturday while hanging out with your grandparents?

18. Angels in the Outfield

[youtube=]No other movie combined the joys of an orphan being adopted with a struggling baseball team that’s assisted by angelic beings. I’ll adopt you Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

17. The Little Rascals

[youtube=]A whole new generation was introduced to the gang that has clearly never heard of equality. A He-Man Woman Haters Club? What are these parents teaching you?

16. Air Bud

[youtube=]It’s a dog that joins a basketball team. What more could you possibly want?

15. Richie Rich

[youtube=]Richie Rich was like watching everything you never realized you always wanted appear on screen right before your eyes. Macaulay Culkin lived the cinematic childhood we all aspired for, but luckily didn’t get.

14. Heavyweights

[youtube=]Forget Greenberg, this is Ben Stiller’s greatest performance by far. It did make fat camps look like fun so that’s probably not a great message to send children.

13. Blank Check

[youtube=]You know a movie like this will never happen again, not only because of identity theft protection, but because who uses checks anymore?

12. The Mighty Ducks

[youtube=]I don’t know anything about hockey except your team will win 100% of the time if you use the Flying V formation. It’s physically impossible to defeat it.

11. Rookie of the Year

[youtube=]If you don’t say “Funky Buttloving!” at least once a week you aren’t anyone I know. This may be the most illogical sports movie ever made, but it’s got Daniel Stern so it has to be wonderful.

10. Matilda

[youtube=]I wanted to be friends with Matilda so badly. Do you realize Danny DeVito directed this? It’s horrifying if you imagine him as Frank Reynolds behind the camera.

9. Casper

[youtube=]Every girl that I knew simultaneously realized every guy in the school was gross when they laid eyes upon the human form of Casper.

8. My Girl

[youtube=]You know you still wake up at night crying thinking about Thomas Jay getting attacked by those bees. He can’t see without his glasses!

7. The Parent Trap

[youtube=]Before Lindsay Lohan became whatever it is that Lindsay Lohan is now, she made adorable movies like The Parent Trap. In my mind she quit acting after Freaky Friday because that’s how I’d like to remember her forever.

6. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

[youtube=]Rick Moranis as a scientist? How could he possibly pull that off? This movie made me pray that my dad would also invent a shrink ray so we could have an adventure like this.

5. Little Giants

[youtube=]Rick Moranis was king of the 90s and it was never more clear than when he led Becky “The Icebox” and Devon Sawa in a football matchup against Al Bundy and a group of muscle bound tweens.

4. Space Jam

[youtube=]Not only do we get Michael Jordan playing basketball with Bugs Bunny, but this is the soundtrack that introduced us to R. Kelly singing I Believe I Can Fly. This movie belongs in a museum.

3. The Sandlot

[youtube=]Even if you didn’t like baseball, The Sandlot was the group of friends you dreamed of having. It went way beyond sports and into building friendships that affect the rest of your life. That is, except for Bertram who disappeared in the ‘60s and was never heard from again. What happened to him??

2. Free Willy

[youtube=]You may think this is a little high on the list for Free Willy, but I can guarantee there wasn’t a more triumphant moment of your childhood than watching that whale jump over the wall into open water.

1. Home Alone/Home Alone 2

[youtube=]First of all let’s all agree that they’re the exact same movie. That being said, they’re both the exact same amazing movie! Ignore the abominations that took the name of Home Alone without Marv, Harry, and Kevin. This was John Hughes masterpiece and should be treasured for eternity. TC Mark

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