Through All The Chaos, Look For God’s Guidance

Have you ever experienced a time when an indescribable gentle whisper has broken through the noise of this world and has given you an overwhelming feeling of internal peace, even though the external chaos seems to be never-ending? Based on personal experience, that internal peace is something I believe people crave but get tired of looking for when experiencing relentless adversity. Within each hardship, what is it that we’re supposed to be learning and where do we look for it?

Ever since I became a believer of God, I have observed a pattern in humanity’s continual relapse into ways we don’t want to act, into who we don’t want to be, and at some point our constant thrive to be better. We have all in some way experienced the hunger of wanting to be better versions of ourselves and have also experienced failure when trying to make that attempt, leaving us with what feels like a never-ending spiral of frustration and individual discomfort because of our struggles.

We spend our lives being upset at them, spending our time leaning on clichés to give them meaning for temporary comfort until we come to fall again and become unsure of what to lean on because we get disappointed when our experiences don’t align with what we were trying to accomplish. This leads us to the process of subconsciously preparing for the next trial we don’t even know is coming. And for some reason, each trial we face always seems a little more difficult than the last, and we can never figure out why.

Why it all keeps happening or why it feels like it’s just never going to end.

The truth is, we as humans will never be able to fully stop or comprehend our repeated descents because each fall is temporary, and the reason for each has eternal answers that simply cannot be obtained as we please, and we get frustrated because we can’t seem to understand that there is an answer that we are longing for.

You see, if you put your focus more on what is happening in between the chaos through God’s guidance, you will find that even when past trials repeat themselves, you become more at peace with playing your part in all of it because you come to realize that beauty exists in the imperfections, and it is becoming conscious of this that allows us to be forgiven through the act of repentance. These battles shape us into who we are and leave an everlasting mark as a reminder of where we once were and that, even though it might not have gone the way we wanted it to, it was exactly where we needed to be at that time in order to get to where we are now, despite all of the potential mistakes.

Regardless of what you do, where you live, or anything that can give you an unsettling feeling of who you are or who you wish to be, we are all capable of finding eternal truth through internal change with the reminder that we are all children of God and we all have the ability to find who we are in Christ.

But how do we do this?

How do we stay focused on what is true in a world full of so many distractions and triggers that lead us to our spiraling downfalls?

It seems to me that the closer I get to God, the louder this concept resonates and finds a way to draw close to my attention through the depths of what catches my focus in a positive way.

Have you ever wondered why certain actions or words catch our attention?

How we can be on autopilot until we hear something that feels like it needed to be heard at that exact moment?

I believe that most modern people could say that that was just a moment of clarity. Yes, that statement is true, but it is also a question as to where that moment came from and how to apply it to the situation we were thinking of when we received it.

Just like our minds, this world is a wilderness full of wonder with an endless strive to make sense of an incomplete picture every day as we spend our lives searching for a better understanding of how God works by reading between the lines of everyday circumstances. The more we focus on learning what was taken away from us through the fall, the easier it will be to find ways to gain understanding and try to be better people.

The problem is, we don’t even understand what that means.

If we were made to live perfectly in God’s image then we are longing to figure out the best way to do that in this sinful world through things like acts of kindness and having the character to be able to apologize after we make a mistake, right? But we keep getting stuck and going around in the circle of sin, blaming God for it all when we keep returning to our corrupt ways. We want to spend all day blaming the one who wholeheartedly forgives us for our misery and brings understanding to it all but we are too foolish to realize that it is because of man that this world is the way that it is.

As a form of blame for our actions, we as humans have developed an untrusting question that gets used when things don’t work in our favor: If God is so forgiving and loving, then why is this world so full of hate, and why do bad things continue to happen to good people?

The more we depend on this question the deeper we dig our own hole of being in a state of subconscious anger and dissatisfaction because we cannot accept the fact that this is what humans do because we created this nature for ourselves. However, the more you seek Him and seek to gain His wisdom, to seek God’s understanding rather than your own through His word, that feeling of hope and clarity you crave in what you experience will become more visible to you.

Even though finding understanding in this troubled world may seem impossible because of our relapse of struggles, true understanding on why we face these trials and where to look for internal peace rests in between the lines. You see, because God is such a mystery to humanity and His way of working in us is often difficult to see clearly and comprehend, the imperfections of being a human start to take over our thought process and we begin to be pulled in the wrong direction, bringing us right back where we don’t want to be.

Being the imperfect humans that we are, we cannot spend our time searching for a pain-free life because there isn’t one. True understanding lies in between each hurt because no matter the circumstance, whether it be good or bad, everything that you go through is allowed by God. For most people, I believe that this is a hard concept to accept and understand. However, the closer you become to God, the more you will begin to understand that everything done by Him is for our greater good and made perfectly to align with His purpose for your life. By being open minded and changing our perspectives and taking a deeper look at what we are experiencing, I believe that we can truly discover internal peace by doing our job of taking each circumstance and applying the Word that has been given to us to push through each trial while also preparing us for the next.

The more you look for God’s guidance, the easier it will be to read what is happening to you or others, and no matter how bad it may be, you will be able to remain still, because no matter what may be changing around you, God will never change, and He will never leave you. You may not understand right away and your faith will be tested often, but this is a firsthand example of why this life is not easy.

It is your choice to choose to be okay with temporary “great desires” that may get you where you want but not where you need to be. Or be patient and long for an eternal life with God and the testimony of your faithfulness.

Writing is what brings me closer to what is true and keeps me humble

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