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Why Are You Supposed To Be Loyal To Family?

Why Are You Supposed To Be Loyal To Family?

People will tell you to forgive and forget. They will tell you to be the bigger person. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who is right, if you’re the one who has been trying to make the relationship work for years, because as soon as you decide to walk away everyone will act like you’re the bad one. 

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late December, 1985

For me, sexual intimacy is a refuge from the real world. After knowing each other 15 years, and being lovers since 1972 – despite the long gaps – Ronna and I are attuned to each other. Does that mean we love each other, or do married couples who hate each other also have fantastic sex because they know each other so well?

My Why Is For Me

It is the compound, the cocktail of all that I am
and I will tend to it, make love to it, knead through
blocks in it all the days of my life. 

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