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It All Started With A Cup Of Coffee

Before I met you, I was so jaded I wouldn’t have dreamed of writing someone a paragraph about how much I loved them or making them their favorite dessert. My guard was up so high I was almost a robot. And then there was you.

Real Love Is Greater Than What You Lack

Just because you found the right person, it doesn’t guarantee a life full of sunshine and rainbows. Life doesn’t work that way. In fact, life is going to test every ounce of patience, strength and love that you have for your significant other.

Why Empaths Always Fall In Love With Potential | Ep. 1

You deserve someone who genuinely sees in you what you see in them. You deserve someone who stays, who shows up, who isn’t wishy-washy with their feelings. You deserve someone who knows what they want. You deserve someone who is honest and genuine and who comes as they are. You deserve someone who never exhausts your heart in a bad way. You deserve someone who loves you the way you love them, who fights for you the way you fight for them.

God’s Plan For You Is Perfect

God's Plan For You Is Perfect

To be honest, it was kind of freaking me out. It was as if God was saying: “Here he is! I’ve been waiting to introduce you! He’s right here! Stop being so stubborn and skeptical and just pay attention!”

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late April, 1987

This morning I listened to Neil Rogers on the radio talking about his SOFAR (Save Our First Amendment Rights) petition to get the FCC to rescind their censorship decision. With the decision upholding sodomy laws, mandatory drug tests, and all the restrictions on what we can listen to and see and read, I feel that Uncle Sam is encroaching into my life as never before.

To The Girl Who Is Tired Of Fixing Broken Men

The next time you think of being capable of changing a man or believing that the extremes of your love can convince him to heal and love you back, remind yourself that a broken man is just like a crawling snail with a broken shell. And just like how snails have the ability to mend its broken shell on its own, no one can fix a broken man but himself. 

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