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What The Coronavirus Has Taught Me About Perspective

When I face any struggle or hardship in my life, I usually contemplate the different reasons until I find one that makes me feel a little bit better. Is it trying to teach me something? Is it trying to show me how lucky I am or how I need to have more gratitude? Or is it trying to change my perspective entirely?

Read This When You’re Not Sure How To Finish Strong

Whatever it is that’s ending—a job you slack off at those final two weeks, living in a city you’re about to move away from, even a year that did you dirty—it’s hard to walk away with that perfect balance of contentment and optimism, completion, and forward momentum.

What Saturn’s Shift To Aquarius Means For Each Zodiac Sign

Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius on March 21st. This can bring a lot of gloom and doom to some people, but this is generally an exciting period of time as we see the end of one chapter with Saturn in Capricorn and get ready for the innovation that this Aquarius transit offers to bring us all.

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