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I bloomed when you held me,
The comfort between your arms
Felt like a warm enough place
To let my guard down

We’re Okay Now (I Think)

I spent two weeks without any alcohol—and my head stopped hurting in the morning and I didn’t throw up in any kitchen sinks and I didn’t have to make any phone calls to apologize and I didn’t eat a spring roll while sitting on the floor of my shower and I didn’t ever at all think it was an appropriate idea to FaceTime the guy I used to like three times at 3:34AM. I just felt fine.

I’m Just Waiting For The Perfect Lover

I’m imagining a mouth – unhurried but hungry, pulsating between rough and soft. I’m imagining hands. Hands that bruise and hands that love. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know his face. But I know what he makes me feel.

How Attachment Style Influences How Successful Your Relationship Will Be

In the simplest form, attachment is the way that our brain evolves to feel safe. It’s almost like having a filter through which we experience the world. Basically, we are social species and the way we feel safe is through other people. One of the most effective ways of regulating our emotions when we are in distress is to be in proximity to someone that we’re securely attached to.

There’s Nothing Left Here For You

broken woman, love and loss, nothing left for him

There’s nothing left inside of me for you. If you cut a small hole somewhere between my ribs and peeked inside you’d see an empty chamber. You’d see right through me to a xylophone of vertebrae.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By How Likely They Are To Sabotage Their Relationship

Blonde woman staring into distance

Scorpio: While you have a lot of great qualities when it comes to love (your passion, your magnetism), you always end up digging yourself a hole you can’t climb out of. This is largely due to your struggles with jealousy and obsession – you have a hard time letting things go, you hold on to your resentment, and you bottle things up instead of talking to your partner.

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