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Witches In The Bible

Witches In The Bible

The Holy Bible condemns witches as agents of Satan who deserve to be killed…except in the one rare instance where the King of Israel consults with a female witch, and the only person who dies as a result is the King.

In Order To Forgive, You Need To Let Go

Forgiveness, like the concept of happiness, is a concept we can strive for in many ways. For some people, forgiveness just happens, for the rest of us, the process would be made a little easier if there were guidelines to follow.

On Loving A Dreamer

You made me realize that life is a dull as I allow myself to perceive it. I think that has been the most prominent thing I’ve learned from you and your way of living. 

150 Pagan Names

Pagan Names

The pagan tradition has deep roots that extend throughout European history. The names on this list will plunge you deep into ancient fairy tales and fables that come from a mystical world of heroes and heroines.

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