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Date Someone Who Always Forgives You

Date someone you aren’t afraid to disappoint because with them, you no longer have to prove anything. Beside them, you no longer have to worry about being somebody else. Who you are is already enough for them.

My Whole World Would Be Different If I Wasn’t So Insecure

Insecure girl

If I wasn’t so insecure, I wouldn’t overanalyze silly little things, like if someone took too long to text me back or said they were too busy to see me. I would let it roll off of my back instead of wondering if I did something wrong, if I should have tried harder, if they secretly hate me. 

You Shouldn’t Have To Convince Him To Stay

don't convince him to stay, confident girl, relationships

There is a difference between someone who values you and someone who simply enjoys benefits of your connection. There is a difference between someone whose heart is in the relationship, and someone who does not care enough to respect you and the bond you’ve made.

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