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The More You Worry, The Less You Live

The More You Worry, The Less You Live

You’re allowed to worry — but you’re not allowed to hold yourself back. You’re not allowed to cower in your comfort zone, refusing to take risks, refusing to see what’s out in the world, refusing to take a chance on yourself. 

A Language Without Words

There must be a language that doesn’t depend on words,
Like God’s presence in my life as the morning sun gently hits my awakening eyes;
The softness of my cat’s fur as I run my fingers through it while he purrs.

I Am Slowly Learning How To Say No

I Am Slowly Learning To Say No

I am slowly learning how to say no without feeling too bad about it, without being drenched in guilt, without wondering whether people would have liked me more if I had stayed quiet and cooperative.

Stuck Between A Girl And A Woman

I’m stuck somewhere between a girl and a woman. I’m wavering between openness and being guarded. Someone I admire made a seemingly simple, simultaneously brilliant assessment that made my brain explode in a rush of light and clarity.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Early October, 1987

When I asked Sean why he hadn’t had any contact with me for five years, he said that his lover Doug was extremely jealous of me because Sean had been seeing us both at the same time. Sean was calling from the Jupiter Holiday Inn, where he was attending a conference of software users for his firm. He said it was his 23rd birthday.

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