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A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late May, 1988

I had lunch with Bernadette, a cute exercise physiologist from Bay Ridge, and then we picked up $5 worth of sex ed reprints at the copy center before heading back to class, where we watched a tape of fifth graders having a lesson on the changes in the male body during puberty.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-May, 1988

Josh told the FBI agent everything, explaining that he knew it sounded paranoid and crazy, but that he wanted to have things on record in case something happened to him. The agent wrote down what Josh told him and seemed especially interested in Straniere’s boast that he had a cache of weapons in his apartment.

I Miss That Bitch

I’ll forever mourn her death
Keep vigil at her grave site
Making sure she doesn’t pull a Lazarus
Because sometimes I think she might

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