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Love, According To Yo La Tengo

Look for someone smart enough to banter quietly with you while you drink coffee together in the morning or to reference a Wes Anderson movie in exactly the right situation.

25 Signs You’re A Writer

Whenever someone breaks up with you or one of your friends does something really cartoonishly terrible, your immediate consolation is that this is going to make for a great essay.

Dear Happy Couples: I Hate You

What do you want me to say? Yes, I hate you because I’m jealous. I’m a petty, jealous, lame human being who is handicapped by her own inability to get past her childish emotions and see people as individuals.

7 Things About Love That Make No Sense

Basically, if you’re the couple that just stands on the sidewalk for extended periods of time and boops noses together in between makeout sessions and sweet nothings, you deserve to get breadcrumbs thrown at you.

My Most Terrifying Memory

The car suddenly swerved before righting itself, and my mom quietly put a blanket over her head for the subsequent duration. I could hear her muffled sobs.

We Should All Be Hopeless Romantics

If you’re the sort of person who sees the best in love, who wants to believe that things are going to work themselves out and end on an emotionally fulfilling high note, you are bound to be beaten up by the reality of life.

If You Don’t Like Me, Just Say So

When you really like someone you wager almost all your confidence and emotion on that one person. And if it isn’t returned, you start to feel empty, void. Is that why a broken heart always hurts?

I Was A Free Range Kid

The “free range kid” meme is now a thing thanks to Lenore Skenazy, a NYC mom who caught flak some years back for letting her 9-year-old son ride the subway alone.

Jodie Foster Owes You Nothing

We have had some of the same experiences and that binds us, but we have also had many, many different experiences and I think I was being insensitive to sweep those under the rug in favor of some kind of LGBTQ army that all does what I think is right, or what I would do — and have chosen to do — myself.

It’s Okay To Be Lonely

There are going to be periods of loneliness, and everyone experiences them. Though the first response of those around us is often one of “oh, come on, you have so many friends,” there is no reason that we need to force that feeling of solitude away.

Why Graffiti Is Awesome

Graffiti is often associated with delinquents, dangerous neighborhoods, and is one step real estate agents use to rebrand a “decaying” neighborhood. They know about the “cool” potential of graffiti in attracting young, hip people to neighborhoods and getting them to pay top dollar to live in “danger.”

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