This Is How You Must Love A Woman Who Does Not Settle


When you love a woman who never settles, you’ll look for the right way to love her simply because she’s not just an ordinary woman. She’s the woman whose life is dedicated to discovering new things, new feelings, new lessons, and new worlds. She’s the kind of woman who’s never afraid to ask anything that she wants to know. Her days will be filled with excitement and the mixed feelings of emotions as she always learns something new each day.

You will be surprised as she always brings you bright yet crazy ideas and different point of views. You will be challenged by the way she thinks about the world because her mind is never settled on just one side of the story. She’s always looking for something interesting to discuss, to be solved, and to bring inspiration in her life. She likes to be called pretty, but she will only be flattered with those compliments about the way she thinks about the world.

She’s not that kind of woman who likes shallow things because she likes depth; a huge depth which not everyone can handle her curiosity.

You will realize that the woman who never settles is the kind of woman who knows what she wants to do in her life. She knows her passions as she always talks about the things she likes to do with that infinite excitement in her eyes. She knows how to solve her problems even she knows that she’s a clumsy one. She will make you laugh sometimes and she will make you sad as well; she will introduce you to that joyful agitation of feelings because her life is a beautiful mess as the gradation of the dawn.

When you love a woman who never settles, you’ll have to deal with her bravery and her toughness as she’s not that kind of woman who’s easy to give up. She always has a way to get up again every time life brings her down to her knees. She’s a strong warrior as she likes to cry at night and wake up with a new perspective of life. She’s always changing because she knows that if she stays the way she is, she won’t be survived.

You will find out that she’s the kind of woman who knows how to stand up right away even after her heart was just broken yesterday. She can handle the pain by herself, but she loves to have you around to help her heal. She will appreciate your effort and she will love to see your kindness as she knows the pain of being unreciprocated.

Her heart was full of wounds, but she’s never ashamed of it simply because she understands that scars will only bring nothing but lessons, and she’s proud to have it.

When you love a woman who never settles, you have to realize that she doesn’t need you, but she wants you. She will love to see you grow as a person. She will enrich your ideas about life, about the projects that you’ve been working on, and about your life plans ahead. The woman who never settles will bring you to some interesting places; she will be the best companion you’ll ever have.

She will love to go on that long road trip with you until the dawn and you can talk about everything you want, simply because she has the mind as wide as the ocean and the soul as free as the travelers. You will have to understand that she’s that kind of woman whose life is dedicated to exploring every inch of the world. She’s the woman who’s always craving for that midnight flights, those roads less traveled, those sleepless night of new experiences, and those new faces she wants to greet.

A woman who never settles always craves for new adventures.

When you love a woman who never settles, don’t give up. She’s the woman who is hard to love, but worth the fight. She’s a fierce woman, but kind hearted at the same time. She’s fearless, but she likes to be protected as well. She’s the kind of woman that doesn’t like to take a step back; when she decides to love you, she will love you deeply. Once she dedicates her life to you, no matter how far she wanders, she will always come back.

Always remember that when you love a woman who never settles; set her free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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