When Life Turns Against You, Love Yourself Even More

Tyler Rayburn
Tyler Rayburn

Life is unfair, isn’t?

Right now you are struggling to be survived in this battle field called life. So many things happened at the same time and the storms hit you hard, over and over again. Those quotes of silver lining things won’t help to ease your anxious and messed up minds. It seems like everything you do each second turns into a new mistake and nothing falls into place.

When life turns against you, it will push you to the edge of your despair. It will make you feel like in the middle of a long and limitless tunnel. You will not see anything but confusion in each corner and no one helps you to get out there. It makes you feel so small until you don’t know the meaning of hope. It will make you want to disappear and never comes back.

When life turns against you, you will feel like a loser. You will only see the failures within yourself and it is so hard for you to just go through the day. There will be no sparks within your eyes and you will feel so alone in the middle of the crowd. Even your tears of sadness won’t make you feel any better anymore. When life turns against you, it will be so easy for you to give up.

Despite the fact that your life hits you hard and it is always going against you, I hope you will find an infinite strength within yourself.

I will not say that it will get any better, but I know by heart that you will find your own way to survive.

When life turns against you, please stop blaming yourself for everything that happened. If you made some mistakes in the past, forgive yourself. Stop apologizing to the people who didn’t see your worth and stop feeling like you‘re never good enough for everyone that you’ve loved. Stop blaming yourself for always being the one who loved the most. Stop blaming yourself for not giving all you’ve got to make people stay. Stop feeling guilty towards everything that happened. It wasn’t your fault if some people left you behind and it wasn’t your fault that some things didn’t work out. Because sometimes, it just happened the way it should be.
When life turns against you, please be kind to yourself. Please always find what feels good and don’t feel bad for what you’re feeling right now.

You have the right to ask for help and you have to remember that there are some people out there who care about you more than you care about yourself.

Go eat some ice creams, allow yourself to just lay in your bed and listen to your favorite songs, do Yoga and allow yourself just to sit still, breathe in-breathe out, cry if you have to, and call those people who you love the most if their voices can calm your messed up minds. Do anything which makes your world a whole lot better than before.

When life turns against you, it is actually the time for you to put self-love and your well-being at the top of everything.

When life turns against you, please remind yourself that there are still so many places that you haven’t visited and a lot of faces who are excited to see you in the future. Remind yourself that there is still a lot to do with your life; those road trips and adventures with the people you love, those after midnight talks with the person you love the most, and those tears of happiness every time your parents see you succeed in everything that awaits you in the future. When life turns against you, keep in mind that the whole world is waiting for you to get back up again.

When life turns against you, don’t be defeated and don’t hide inside your shell. Face the broken heart, say the things that have to be said, fix the things that made you hurt, and confront every battle with your head held up high. You might cry and you will face some sleepless nights, but at the end of the day, you will be alright. Brave enough to let go of anything which makes you feel worthless, let go of those people who have taken you for granted and be brave to face some rejections. When life turns against you, prove to the world that you can come out as a warrior; you are bleeding, but at the end of the day, you will survive.

When life turns against you, remember that there is nothing permanent in this world. Everything will change, so does your circumstances. I won’t tell you to stay strong, to hold on, or to fight a little harder.

But I will ask you to go through one day at a time. Take as much time as you can until you can back up again. Don’t think about what’s going to happen; keep away your what-ifs and just focus to go through one day at a time.

Each night when you want to close your eyes, appreciate yourself that you’ve survived. Tell the universe that you are still alive even though life has tested you; be proud that you’ve passed another day. When life turns against you, it is the sign that actually the universe has already planned everything the way it should be. Don’t be too hard on yourself and always remember that you can’t fail at life, nobody will ever fail at life; we’re just getting stronger and stronger over time.

And at the end of the day, everything will be just fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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