Don’t Be Surprised If God Removes People From Your Life When You Ask For Healing

Don’t Be Surprised If God Removes People From Your Life When You Ask For Healing

Don’t be surprised if God removes one person after the other when you pray for healing. Don’t be surprised when truths about the people around you are suddenly revealed in the most random ways. Don’t be surprised when people change on you or disappoint you or let you down because that means that God heard you and he’s answering your prayers. That means God is now showing you the signs that you’ve been asking for and giving you the answers you need.

Don’t be surprised when God changes your heart, when you wake up one day and you don’t feel the same way about someone anymore or your intuition kicks in and somehow you stop trusting certain people. Don’t be surprised when you don’t understand what happened or why you’re feeling this way because that’s God’s way of alerting you. That’s how he speaks to your soul. That’s how he warns you that you need to be more careful.

Don’t be surprised that your healing can actually be painful for some time. It may feel like we’re receiving the opposite of our wishes and prayers but that’s actually how we go to the next level. That’s how God filters our lives and removes the wrong people or moves us in the right direction. Sometimes that means leaving people or people leaving us. Sometimes that means not getting what we worked so hard for or feeling that we’ve been betrayed. Don’t be surprised when God gives you the wake-up call you need even if you’re not prepared or ready for it.

Don’t be surprised when God suddenly closes doors that were wide open when you ask for guidance. Don’t be surprised when he reroutes and shows you another way. Don’t be surprised that sometimes God’s answers may show up as rejection or abandonment or loss. Don’t be surprised when you feel like your whole world is crumbling because that’s how true healing happens. That’s when you are forced to evaluate and reflect and make life-changing choices.

Don’t be surprised when God gives you clarity when you have doubts. The truth is, the more you ask for healing or for answers the more your reality will change. Sometimes to you, these may be unfavorable changes but you have to trust that there’s a method to the madness and that God will also surprise you once you’ve healed and learned how everything and everyone that you lost was actually preventing you from healing. When you finally understand that these are the kind of situations and incidents that we call ‘blessings in disguise.’

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