I’m Slowly Learning That I Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of My Own Voice

Pete Bellis

I’m slowly learning that I shouldn’t be afraid of speaking up. I shouldn’t think quietly when I know my thoughts are viable. I shouldn’t be afraid to share my thoughts with people even if I’m outnumbered or if I know people won’t agree.

I’m slowly learning that I shouldn’t try to pretend that certain things don’t hurt me when they do. I shouldn’t disregard my feelings when they’re imploding. I shouldn’t always try to be the bigger person if it’s eventually going to cause me pain and pent-up frustration. I’m slowly learning that the ones who care about you will always hear you and try to understand, not hear you and get defensive.

I’m slowly learning that being the person people want me to be is exhausting when it’s everything you’re not. I’m slowly learning that I’m not a good actress and wearing a mask that doesn’t really fit me will never be something I can do. I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to lose some people as long as you’re being true to yourself.

I’m slowly learning that being alone is better than changing who you are so you can fit in. I’m slowly learning that I’d rather be alone than surround myself with people who only like me when I tell them what they want to hear or only stick around when it’s convenient for them. I’m slowly learning that, at the end of the day, most people do whatever the hell they want and I have every right to do the same.

I’m slowly learning that I shouldn’t be afraid to communicate my expectations or my standards because this is how you set boundaries. This is how you protect yourself from those who take you for granted and this is how you eliminate the fake people in your life because the ones who truly want to stay in your life will not make you feel like your standards are ridiculous or your expectations are too high.

I’m slowly learning that my voice is my message to the world. It tells people who I am. It teaches people how to treat me. I’m slowly learning that if I don’t use my voice and use it often, I’ll always be silenced. I’ll always be living in fear. I’ll always be scared. I’m slowly learning that my voice matters and it can’t be silenced.

I’m slowly learning that not everyone will like my voice and it could push a lot of people away and it could make me lose a lot of battles but as long as I fight for it, I’ll always be a winner. I’m slowly learning that you can never lose when you say the things that are truly worth saying. TC mark

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