I Miss You, But I Understand Why We Don’t Talk Anymore

Maybe God’s Silence Is His Way Of Telling You That You’re On The Right Track

Maybe God doesn’t need you to remind him every 10 seconds that you want this or you want that because he knows you’re figuring it out. He knows you’re slowly learning the right way of doing things. You’re getting the lesson. Like a father who lets go of the bike so the kid can start pedaling on his own. Maybe you’re following the path he wanted you to follow and you’re navigating it the right away.

Maybe God’s silence means he wants you to keep doing more of what you’re doing. Whether praying more or overcoming your fears or pushing yourself to do things out of your comfort zone because he knows you’re tired of being scared. You’re tired of being lost. You’re tired of waiting for the right moment.

God’s silence is not his absence, but maybe his approval. He’s letting you be. He’s letting you grow. He has sent you enough messages and lessons and now he wants to watch what you do with them. He wants to watch how you will handle the information he gave you. He wants you to depend on him but also learn how to depend on yourself.

Maybe God’s silence is his way of telling you that your faith worked. Of course, you still have unanswered prayers and wishes but for now, you can work with what he gave you. You can learn how to appreciate them first before he gives you more. You can learn how to be grateful for them instead of taking them for granted. You can learn how to thank him first instead of asking for more.

Maybe God’s silence is another way to bring you closer to him by letting you know that he trusts you. He has faith in you too. He knows that you’re capable of handling more than you think and that you now have the tools and resources to make better decisions based on what he gave you and what he taught you.

Maybe God’s silence is his way of telling you to stay still, to slow down, to take it easy on yourself. Stop obsessing over the things you have to do or the things you can’t control. Stop taking detours and trying different routes and trying to find the perfect shortcut. Stop trying so hard to be in control of everything and just learn how to be still. Learn to silence your mind and your heart too. Maybe he wants you to be silent too. Maybe he wants you to take it one step at a time and his silence is a clear message that you should do the same.

Whatever the case may be, God’s silence is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need. Sometimes he still wants you to absorb the messages and the lessons first before he blesses you with new ones. Maybe his silence is him smiling because you’re becoming the person he wants you to be. You’re his baby all grown up and he’s setting you free for now, he’s letting you fly away on your own until he calls you back again when he misses you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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